July 5, 2022

Facetune Vs. BeautyPlus: Which App Can Turn Your Selfies Into Works of Art?

Do you want to make your selfies look polished and Instagram-ready? Say no more because photo and selfie editing apps let you do just that. The big question is, which app should you use to get your selfies to look gorgeous and just the way you want them? 

We got you covered with this post comparing the top two apps for capturing and editing selfies: Facetune and BeautyPlus. 

Continue reading to learn which app is better and can help you take and edit photos like a pro to nail those stunning selfies. 


Developed by Lightricks, Facetune is a selfie camera and photo editing app with a wide array of photo and video editing tools. It’s available for Android 7.0 and up and iOS 14.0 or later. 

The app lets you enhance your selfies, other photos, and videos with easy-to-use yet sophisticated editing features. You can even apply instant photo enhancements with one-tap editing. 

Facetune offers a suite of photo editing adjustment tools to refine your photos to the finest details. 

The app’s main selfie, photo, and video editing features include the following.

Smooth skin adjustments

Facetune lets you adjust the subject’s skin smoothness to remove wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, pimples, beauty marks, sun spots, etc. 

You can refine the skin’s smoothness automatically with one tap or move the slider to adjust the smoothness level manually. 

You can also add a glow to get that radiant, sunkissed look, get rid of glare and oily-looking skin, and cover-up red, blotchy skin by using the skin tone adjustment options. 

Filter packs

Choose from over 40 filters you can easily apply to your photos with one tap—from sepia to black and white. 

Adjust the filter’s intensity level with the slider. 

Makeup tools

If you want to get that full makeup look, bring some color to your face, or refine what you already applied, Facetune’s Makeup tools have you covered.

The Makeup tools include a makeup base, blush, eyeshadow, contour, eyeliner, and tones you can apply to your face in the photo. 

For instance, the images below show how a bit of blush makes the subject’s face look healthier and more energetic.

You can also apply glitter to add a bit of sparkle to your look and use the color picker tool to help even out your skin tone.   

Background options

If you need to make quick background changes without retaking your photo, you can use Facetune’s Backdrop feature. Choose from many backgrounds for your selfie, including solid colors, themed backdrops, and patterns. 

You can add a backdrop in one tap and adjust it accordingly by moving it around or zooming in and out.

You can even use your own photos as your background.    

Facetune’s other selfie and photo editing features include teeth whitening and concealing blemishes and under-eye bags. You can also emphasize or minimize facial features and instantly change your hair color. 

Besides these selfie editing tools, the app has essential photo editing options, including adding light effects and color, contrast, brightness, saturation, sharpness, and focus adjustments. 

Facetune’s video editor lets you enhance your selfie videos to achieve the style and look you want seamlessly. 

You can use the same selfie and photo editing tools to adjust everything—from reshaping your lips to adding beautiful overlays—from one app. 


You can use the Facetune app for free. 

You can also get a subscription to access the app’s full features or pay for some functionalities available as in-app purchases (anywhere from $1.99 to $35.99).  


Developed by Meitu, BeautyPlus is a photo editor and selfie app that lets you capture and touch up your selfies and photos. The app’s photo editing tools help you quickly refine your selfies—from removing blemishes to adding filters and effects. 

Some of its most notable features include the following. 

Smooth skin adjustments 

Achieve perfect-looking skin in your selfies with BeautyPlus’ easy-to-use options to smooth out and remove wrinkles and other blemishes. 

Adjust the smoothness intensity manually by dragging the slider. You can also use the one-tap auto adjustment option. 


Choose from BeautyPlus’s many filters, including classic, retro, and black and white options. 

Adjust the filter’s intensity by dragging the slider left or right.

Makeup tools

Use the BeautyPlus app’s makeup tools to enhance your natural looks or add a splash of color to your bare face.

You can even “apply” full makeup by adjusting or adding lipstick, eyebrows, blush, hair and eye colors, contour, etc.  

Background options

Apply various background options to your selfie. Choose from the app’s many backgrounds, including solid and multiple colors and pre-designed patterns. 

You can also select your preferred image ratio. 

However, unlike Facetune, BeautyPlus doesn’t let you upload your own images as backgrounds for your selfies and photos.

Plus, if you apply the background to your selfie as is, it will appear around the entire photo instead of the subject. 

The image on the left shows how the background applies using Facetune’s Backdrop feature, and the one on the right uses BeautyPlus. 


You’ll need to use BeautyPlus’s Background Remover tool first and apply your preferred background to achieve the same effect.  

Besides the selfie editing features, BeautyPlus offers other basic photo editing tools, including these adjustments:

  • Brightness
  • Fill light
  • Contrast
  • Saturation
  • Color temp
  • Highlight
  • Shadows

The app also offers a one-tap auto-enhance feature that applies quick photo fixes and adjustments to your selfie.


BeautyPlus is free to download. You’ll need to upgrade to BeautyPlus Premium to unlock unique features and other in-app purchases. 

You’ll pay between $4.49 to $49.99 (Annual Premium) for your subscription and to access advanced features. 

Which selfie app is for you?

Ultimately, the right selfie and photo editing app depends on the features you want and are more comfortable using. 

Consider each app’s unique features, the pricing, and whether they offer the tools you want to help you take your selfies to the next level. 

About the author 

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