September 8, 2017

Facial Recognition On iPhone 8 Will Work Better Than Any Android Phone

As we all know, Apple is planning on introducing some interesting changes to its latest version of iOS 11 in iPhone 8. And the recent iPhone 8 rumors have suggested that Apple may be planning to replace its Touch ID with a new 3D facial-recognition scanner that will allow users to unlock their device without even touching it. Sounds cool, right?


And now a new report says that Apple’s facial scanner will likely be far more advanced than what Samsung implemented on the Note 8 and the Galaxy S8.

According to BGR, Apple’s facial recognition software will incorporate technology from Realface, an Israeli machine learning company with advanced facial recognition software that Apple acquired earlier this year.

iPhone-8-facial-recognition-feature (1)

What differentiates Realface’s facial recognition technology from Samsung’s is that Samsung’s implementation on the Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8 relies upon on a 2D map of an individual’s face, thus making it easier to fool with photos and video. Hackers are able to put a picture of you in front of the camera and gain access to your smartphone.

In contrast, Apple’s reported technology, Realface is able to create a 3D representation of a person’s face. It will compare the 3D image against the 3D scan it performs and sees if it fits. Hence, it will be less likely to fall victim to security hacks.

Realface noted that it’s technology features “anti-spoof face recognition” and even boasted that the success rate of its facial recognition technology stands at 99.67%, a figure which is a tad higher than what humans are capable of.

What’s more? As Realface is wholly owned by Apple, there is no chance of it coming to other devices.

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