December 18, 2020

Fancy a Free Xbox This Christmas?

Once again, the holiday season is just around the corner. Considering the fact that 2020 has been a challenging year in many regards, it only makes sense that we deserve a Christmas treat. If you are a fan of gaming, there is no doubt that an Xbox beneath the tree would represent a dream come true; particularly if it could be obtained for free. Is this nothing more than a myth or might there be some ways in which you can enjoy an extra bit of liquidity in the coming weeks? Let’s take a look at how an old mobile phone and a new gaming console are surprisingly related.

Older Smartphones are Worth More Than You Think

It is actually a bit ironic that a phone which might have cost hundreds of pounds at one time will often remain gathering dust within a home or a flat. Why not turn an outdated model into cash? There are many consumers who are looking to upgrade to a newer version and who might not be able to afford to purchase a model directly from a manufacturer. This is when the power of websites such as Sell My Mobile comes into play. Whether referring to earlier iterations of Microsoft phones, Samsung models, or Apple handsets, the fact of the matter is that there are many options at your disposal. Any funds derived from a sale of an xbox can then be used towards the purchase of an Xbox One (as well as newer models). So, how does the process exactly work?

Quick, Simple, and Transparent

It should first be mentioned that working with trusted online websites such as Sell My Mobile is critical. Not only can you remain confident in the fact that you will be receiving professional services, but the prices are also highly competitive. Once you enter in some basic details of the phone in question, you will be provided with a quotation. You are then required to supply some additional information such as a valid email and a postal address.

All About Efficiency

The Internet offers many benefits and in this case, one of the most relevant is the fact that you will be able to receive the funds via an electronic transfer. This is great if you have had your eye on a specific Xbox One and are worried that it might be snatched up by another buyer during the holiday rush. Of course, there are likely to be other transfer methods depending upon your exact needs.

Any funds which you receive can then be used to purchase a gaming console, an updated Microsoft phone, a new Apple headset, and indeed anything that has caught your eye in recent times. Of course, the amount of money that you will receive will depend upon the type of smartphone that you are looking to sell and its condition.

There are nonetheless many options at your disposal if you have grown tired of outdated mobile devices taking up space. Thankfully, selling one of these units has never been more clear or straightforward.

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