June 21, 2020

Find Out Now How To Buy Safe And Fast Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the first and largest crypto exchange, being established by bringing the first Bitcoin ATM in Continental Europe and its location in different countries.

Bitcoin offers its users flexibility and security in the process of buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We are proud of over 500,000 successfully completed and still counting transactions.

In trying to understand what blockchain is, we will rely in many cases on the definitions that are proposed, trying to qualify them. For some, blockchain is the new generation of the Internet, or better yet, the New Internet.

Since then, we have managed to create the largest network of Bitcoin ATMs, located in the big cities of the country and to offer users the most possibilities to buy Bitcoin and other over 100 cryptocurrencies. How did I do that? What are our methods? How do I buy Bitcoin? Let’s find out together:

How can you buy bitcoin through the trading platform?

The BitCoin trading platform was launched with a new format, different from other trading platforms existing until then, proposing a much simpler and safer way of trading.

In order to trade through the platform, it is necessary to create an account. This is very easy to do, by simply entering a valid email address and personal phone number. Then by pressing the registration button, the user will become an official member on the BitCoin trading platform.

If you want to buy Bitcoin, the user will choose the buy bitcoin option. By clicking on this section, the user will be redirected to another page, where he will be able to purchase the desired amount of BTC.

After all the data has been entered correctly, the user will choose the desired purchase method. More details about trading through the platform can be found on cfd-trader.

What purchasing methods does the Bitcoin trading platform offer?

Payment by bank transfer

After all the data has been entered correctly, the user clicks on the purchase and will be redirected to a page where the accounts are displayed where he can make the deposit, respectively the bank transfer. After purchasing Bitcoin, the user will receive an email, at the email address with which he registered on the platform, through which he will receive a transaction code and will be informed that he has initiated a purchase transaction.

It is also necessary to upload proof of payment; otherwise, the order will be rejected. By clicking on the “upload now “section, the user will be able to upload the proof of payment, in jpg format, with a maximum size of 2 Mb.

After completing all these steps, the Bitcoin purchase transaction will be considered complete by the platform.

From the moment the money related to the amount purchased will be received in one of the accounts where the transfer was made, in maximum of 24 hours the BTC transfer will be made.

Buy bitcoin with the card

BitCoin, the payment processor accredited by BNR, announced at the end of 2017 the possibility of online payment, with Visa and MasterCard cards, to buy Bitcoin

The user will be able to make the payment with the card, within the limit of 2500 lei/transaction. In order to successfully complete the transaction, the user must enter the data on the card, and the paying card must be the personal one, respectively of the user who created an account on the trading platform.

Buy bitcoin

BitCoin also offers an alternative for buying Bitcoin, apart from bank transfer. Thus, the buyer can make a cash deposit without the need for a bank transfer.

The client addresses the Bitcoin purchase request directly to BitCoin. Only clients who have the identity card uploaded on the BitCoin trading platform will be able to select a deposit with the identification data visible.

In order to deposit cash, the client must present himself agency, communicate the unique code provided, present the original identity document uploaded on the trading platform within the expiration date and know the amount to be deposited, the amount communicated by BitCoin by email sent to the email address with which the customer registered.

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