April 16, 2015

Now you can Find your Phone on Google by searching “Find My Phone”

Another magic tool came up from the Google Inc. Tracking our Phone’s current location is very difficult. For this Google has implemented a new tool called “Find My Phone”. When you type as “Find My Phone” in Google.com you will  see a magic, that it helps you to locate your mobile where ever it is! What you need to do is just follow the steps that are shown below.


Follow the below steps to “Find your Phone”:

#1. Go to Google.com and type as “Find My Phone” as shown in the image below.

find my phone in google search

#2. Automatically Google will show you a preview of Google Maps, if you are not signed into your gmail then sign in to get data of your phone number which is connected with your gmail.

sign into gmail account

#3. As soon as you Sign into your gmail, Google maps start locating your device. See the image below.

locating the phone

#4. As soon as your phone is detected in Google maps, it shows place of your phone.

located the location

#5. To find your phone, Click on “Ring” icon.

ring the phone icon

#6. Then your phone starts Ringing with high volume for atleast 5 Minutes.

google located the location

Good thing is, though your phone is in Silent mode, it will Ring with high volume.

For this you need to have all these functions:

  • You should have location service enabled on your phone
  • You must have the latest version of Google app installed on your Android phone
  • The phone needs to be connected to the internet
  • And it only works on the desktop browser, as of now. So you cannot just grab someone’s phone and locate your phone.

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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