January 27, 2015

7 Common Problems with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 & How to fix them

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has been introduced to the world. The South Korean tech giant surprised the whole world by launching two variants of the new phablet, the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note 4 Edge. And the Note 4 has the 5.7-inch screen and even has a brilliant high-resolution screen and takes excellent outdoor shots on its 16-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization. Using the stylus is more convenient, and the battery charges very quickly.

We know that Galaxy Note 3 brought with it the latest and greatest processing package, a gorgeous QHD display, fast charging capabilities, and the myriad of software features that Samsung is known for. Today, we are going to explain some of these problems that users have been experiencing with their device, as well as provide you the solutions. Now take a deep breath and see if you can find a fix to smooth things over right here.

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10 common problems with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and How to fix them?

Problem 1 : Gap between screen and body

A small gap appears around the outside of the device. This gap is a necessary manufacturing feature and some minor rocking or vibration of parts may occur. Over time, friction between parts may cause this gap to expand slightly. Though this shouldn’t affect the performance of the device, but users might experience minor vibration with parts.

samsung-galaxy-note-4-menu button


There’s a good chance that you wouldn’t notice the gap unless it was pointed out. The gap is barely noticeable, and the issue only becomes a big deal if the gap expands. Unfortunately, the only “solution” is to pick up a replacement in that case.

Problem 2 : Random Rebooting Issues

A few people have encountered the dreaded random reboot issue with their Note 4 handset. The phone will simply restart itself at random intervals with no obvious cause.



  • If you’re using a Micro SD card in your Note 4, then that’s the first thing to check. Remove the card from your phone and test to see if the random reboots still occur. If the reboots have stopped then back up the data from the card on your computer and try reformatting it on the Note 4 via Settings > Storage > Format SD card.
  • You could try a factory reset. Make sure you have all your data backed up. Go to Settings > Backup and reset > Factory data reset > Reset device > Erase everything.
  • Contact your retailer, carrier, or Samsung and arrange a return and replacement.

Problem 3: Wifi Connection

There is almost always complaints regarding Wi-Fi connection when a new smartphone is released. Users of the Galaxy Note 4 have reported trouble connecting, and staying connected to Wi-Fi.



  • Try turning your Note 4 and your router off for a couple of minutes. Now turn them on again and retry the connection.
  • Take a look in Settings > Power saving and make sure that low battery life isn’t restricting your Wi-Fi.
  • Try forgetting the connection, choose your router in Settings > Wi-Fi and Forget. Enter the details again.
  • Try the free Wi-Fi Analyzer app and see if the channel you’re using is crowded. Change to another channel if it is.
  • Take a look at the settings on your router. Make sure that MAC filtering isn’t on, or add your Note 4’s MAC address, which you’ll find in Wi-Fi > Settings > Advanced.
  • Make sure that your router firmware is fully up to date.

Problem 4 : Battery life

There have been some reports of people suffering with poor battery life on the Note 4. It has a big battery that should last a decent amount of time, but there are plenty of things that can have an impact.



  • Go to Settings – Power Saving and select Power saving
  • Turn off any applications or features that aren’t being used, such as Wi-Fi, or GPS.
  • Turn the screen brightness and volume down.
  • Turn off vibrations.
  • Check that the phone is up to date through Settings – Device – Install system updates – Check now.
  • Restart the Galaxy Note 4 periodically
  • Go into Settings – Battery and assess which applications are using the most power. If you encounter a problematic application uninstall or disable it.
  • Factory Reset the device and reinstall applications selectively.

Problem 5 : Sensitive Back Button

A few people have found that the capacitive Back button to the right of the Home button on the Note 4 is not very sensitive. It may be failing to register touches or require a hard press to work.

Samsung_Galaxy_Note_4_back button


This is a hardware issue and you should go back to your retailer, carrier, or Samsung and get a replacement.

Problem 6 : Dead pixels on the screen

If you notice that your new Galaxy Note 4 has dead pixels on the screen then you have a couple of options. This is a pretty common issue with smart phones.



  • Try using an app like Dead Pixel Detect and Fix to see if you can get them working again.
  • If you have no luck then it’s time to go back to the retailer, carrier, or Samsung to get a replacement handset.

Problem  7 : Bluetooth Connection

Many Galaxy Note 4 users have experienced problems trying to create a connection between car systems and Bluetooth accessories. Sometimes the phone offers limited functionality, or refuses to pair at all.



  • Refer to your manufacturer’s manual for the accessory or car and find out how to reset connections. It’s possible you’ve simply reached a connection limit and have to delete an old device.
  • You should also check if there’s a specific button or procedure to get your accessory or car into pairing mode.
  • Go to Settings > Bluetooth on your Note 4 and delete all the pairings, restart the phone, and then try them again.
  • Take a look at the profile in Settings > Bluetooth and see if anything needs tweaking.
  • You could try an app like Bluetooth Auto Connect and see if it helps.

Apart from these problems we even have the reports of below problems

  • Missing the menu key
  • “OK Google” not working
  • Problems with lag

Hope you like this article and If you have experienced these problems, leave a comment below to tell us whether our solutions worked. Also this Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is very good to buy, we just wrote this to solve he issues which are having in few smart phones.


Further, if you’ve experienced other problems, let us know and we’ll try to find a solution.

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