December 28, 2019

FMWhatsApp APP Review – Best WhatsApp MOD

With recent leaps in messaging tech, more people than ever are reliant on texting. In terms of the user base, WhatsApp has gained a prominent hold over others of its kind. Over one billion people actively use the service to communicate each month. But having the top spot did not bring features that less popular competitors offer. We still have strict caps on the size of files allowed to send or max number of people in a group. Such limitations can bottleneck your casual or work experience while messaging.

Practice modding is not new but it has come a long way from outputting laggy and rushed applications. FMWhatsApp is not only loaded with extra features, but it also holds up with original WhatsApp in performance.

What Is FMWhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp is one of the modified versions that have been used by many people. This is a customized version that comes with additional features. However, there is a lot that you need to know about this mod before using it to have a well-informed idea. Here is all you should know:

Is it safe to use the mod?

One of the questions that a lot of users come with is whether this mod is safe to use or not. There is no doubt about the fact that this mod is absolutely safe to use. You can safely use this version on any Android phone.

Version Info Of App

  • Name: FMWhatsApp
  • Latest Version available: 8.12
  • Size: 53 Mb
  • Required Android: 4.0 and later versions of Android
  • Last Updated: November 2019
  • Ratings: 4.7 Stars Ratings


  • Themes: A huge collection of custom color schemes are available in FMWhatsApp. A lot of other modded applications have themes of their own by this collection is bigger than most of them. Having more choices evades that stagnant vibe that original WhatsApp emits. Having no choice other than that dull green look is a lack of feature in itself.
  • Privacy Settings: With a bunch of tweaks from its developers, FMWhatsApp is capable of hiding typing & recording statuses as well as blue check, seen and status viewing. Original WhatsApp works very differently in giving you privacy. It does not have any options to hide your typing and audio recording statuses.
  • Get Rid Of Restrictions: Media Size Limits are more lenient as compared to original. One can expect a smoother file sharing experience using this version of WhatsApp.
  • Call Blocker: You can expect this feature to arrive in original WhatsApp in the near future but FMWA has introduced this quite a while ago. As more dependable we are getting of texting and VoIP, more than ever are we in need of proper functionalities along with it in order to replace traditional calling and SMS. Call Blocking is one of those important features.
  • Pin Chats: More than 3 ! You read that right. Unlimited amount of chats can be pinned in this app.
  • Group Features: As a main admin, you can select different privileges for your subordinate admins – something you can never do with traditional WhatsApp.
  • Default Lock – This is probably the feature that put FMWA on the map. Unlike Original WhatsApp, You do not need third-party applications in order to lock your WhatsApp account. An inherent lock is available for this job. The biggest advantage of this is that it cannot be bypassed. One could easily close the third-party lock from the app settings but the inbuilt one cannot be closed without closing the WhatsApp client itself.
  • Dual WhatsApp FMWhatsApp can be used as a second WhatsApp if you want to use dual WhatsApp on the same device. As you have checked its package name, i.e com.fmwa which is different than that of WhatsApp (com.wa). So, this means, you can use both apps on the same Android phone.
  • Hide Second Tick
  • Hangouts UI
  • Long Press Camera Button To Send HQ Images
  • Hide Blue Ticks
  • Hide Second Tick
  • Hide Blue Microphone
  • Hide Typing…
  • Set Your Name on Main Screen
  • New Call Icons
  • Custom Hide & View Status
  • Call Privacy Feature Added (Select Who Can Call You)
  • Change Ticks & Bubbles Styles
  • Default Blue Interface
  • Other Bugs Fixed

These were the features of FMWA Latest Version Apk. Now, we will share its older version features. What we are doing, we cut and paste these features in the below list whenever any new version gets released and then we update new features in this list. Let’s come to its older and useful features.

How To Download & Install

Installing FmWhatsApp is very easy first of all download the Apk File Of FMWA From the website which I mentioned About.

  • Now Make sure that you have enabled the Unknown Sources Of your android To enable this You have to go to the security From the settings Then There you will get option to enable unknown source
  • Once You Have enabled the unknown sources Simply open the APK file which you have downloaded from ApkGlo
  • Now You Have to verify Your mobile number In FMWhatsApp Like you do in official WhatsApp
  • You Have To Provide OTP Which you will receive from FMWA after entering Your Mobile Number
  • Once you verified Your Number Set Your WhatsApp DP & Name

Now you have successfully Downloaded FmWhatsApp 2020 APK on your phone now you can enjoy it’s cool & amazing features.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q) Does FMWhatsApp Works On Non Rooted Devices?

Ans) Most of the WhatsApp MODs requires a rooted Android phone to run smoothly. But, FmWa works fine on non-rooted devices too. There is no need to root your phone, as it voids your phone warranty and there are many other side effects. We have personally tested FmWa on our non-rooted as well as on rooted phone too, it works fine on both of them. If you are thinking that all modded apps need root permission then you are wrong.

Q) Is FMWhatsApp Available For iOS?

Ans) No iOS don’t allows APK files to get installed for security reasons so you cannot use FMWhatsApp on your iPhone & other iOS devices

Q) Can I Take & Upload Backup Of My Old Chats From Official WhatsApp To FMWhatsApp?

Ans) Yes You Can

Q) Do I Need to Uninstall Official WhatsApp for Using FM WhatsApp?

Ans) No, there is no need to uninstall Official WhatsApp for using FMWhatsApp. But, this is only applicable if you install FMWA and you are going to register on it with a different mobile number. If you wish to use the same phone number in FmWa which you are already using in WhatsApp then it isn’t possible.

Q) Can I Download WhatsApp Status?

Ans) Yes You Can!

Final Verdict

So, this was all about the FMWhatsApp App. We hope that you liked our article. Using FMWhatsApp you can use dual WhatsApp on a single android device If you liked our review on Fmwhatsapp then please do share as much as possible.

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