May 13, 2021

FragranceNet Review: Should You Buy From Here?

It’s nice to smell good on a daily basis, which is why many individuals make it a habit to stock up on perfumes and colognes. However, some perfume brands can get really pricey, especially if you like designer ones. Fortunately, there are online retailers that specialize in selling perfumes and fragrance products for a much lower price.

In this review, we’ll be talking about one of them: FragranceNet. We’ll answer important questions such as “Is FragranceNet legit?” to give you peace of mind.

What Is FragranceNet All About?

FragranceNet is a company that was first established in 1997, but now it also has an online website where you can find and purchase thousands of brand-name perfumes. FragranceNet offers these fragrances at incredibly discounted rates while still touting their product guarantee: “absolutely NO imitations or knock-offs.”

Aside from perfumes, though, FragranceNet also offers products for aromatherapy, skincare, makeup, haircare, and even candles. The prices for these are also offered at more affordable prices compared to other retailers.

Is FragranceNet Legit?

FragranceNet’s prices may seem too good to be true, so it doesn’t come as a surprise if you’re wondering whether FragranceNet is truly legit. From what we can see, FragranceNet is indeed a legitimate company, and its Better Busines Bureau (BBB) rating of A+ also supports this.

One way to know if an online retailer is legit is by checking the legality of the company. After all, it’s improbable for a scammer to take the time and effort to make their company legal. Fortunately, it’s clear to see that FragranceNet ticks this box because Inc is an officially registered company in the United States.

Why Are the Perfumes so Cheap?

So, if FragranceNet is only a retailer, why is its merchandise so cheap? There are several reasons for this:

No Overhead Costs

FragranceNet only sells its products online, which means it doesn’t have a brick-and-mortar retail storefront. Most of the time, physical retail stores—such as boutiques or department stores—have a high overhead cost. In turn, this causes the products to be sold at high prices.

In the case of FragranceNet, it only has to worry about paying for a warehouse. In other words, the company gets to save on a lot, as it doesn’t have to pay for maintenance fees, decorations, rent, cleaning fees, and other charges that come with having a physical store.

Selling > Services

FragranceNet prioritizes selling over anything else, which means that its services take a bit of a hit. Since it’s not an official reseller for most brands, the company doesn’t really care about providing top quality customer service experience. All it aims to do is sell affordable fragrances and other products. If superior customer service is important to you, then you may have a problem with this.

If you don’t mind, then FragranceNet is definitely a great resource to check out, especially if you merely want to buy affordable products.

Gray Market

The perfume industry’s gray market may sound sketchy, but it’s not in actuality. The gray market is essentially a place where retailers can legally purchase and sell fragrances outside of the official stores or websites. In other words, you’ll find legitimate perfumes and fragrances through the gray market, but the difference is that unauthorized retailers are distributing them. This ultimately leads to bigger discounts, especially if there’s a need to sell the products faster.

Is FragranceNet Safe?

Another question you may be asking yourself is, “Is FragranceNet safe?” This is important to know because you can’t just easily give away your payment information to any online retailer out there. You need to ensure that your sensitive information doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

Fortunately, FragranceNet’s website is safe and secure for its customers. This can be seen in the way that FragranceNet uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. What SSL does is that it ensures all your provided data is encrypted and can’t be read or accessed by anyone else.

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Common Complaints

Before taking the plunge and ordering your favorite fragrances and brands from FragranceNet, here are several complaints customers have had about the company. Keep them in mind before making your purchase so you know what to expect.

Poor Quality

While most FragranceNet’s customers are pleased with their orders, there’s a decent portion who complained that the product they received was of poor quality. In some cases, the perfumes were either watered down or had scents that didn’t last as long as it was supposed to. There was even one customer who said that the perfume bottle they received was empty!

Delivery Takes a Long Time

Apparently, FragranceNet takes a while to process and ship the orders, which leads to late deliveries. If you’re in a hurry to receive your fragrance of choice, you may want to check out another retailer instead.

Issues With Refund

Customers have complained that it’s a hassle to request and receive a refund from FragranceNet. The company needs you to get approval and an RMA first before returning the product. It may sound easy enough, but getting approval is no easy task.

Poor Customer Service

As mentioned, FragranceNet doesn’t put much importance on its customer service team, which is why many customers have complained about how poor it is. There are instances where customers don’t receive a reply or the representative takes too long to respond.


Should you buy from FragranceNet? It may be a risk worth taking if you don’t mind the negative aspects of the company. Based on positive FragranceNet reviews, many customers are happy with their orders and they were able to get them at highly discounted prices.

If you’re looking for a way to buy affordable branded fragrances, FragranceNet may be the way to go.

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