August 29, 2018

11 Amazing Tips to Gain Free Instagram Followers

Social media had been taken by storm with the launch of Instagram on the 6th of August 2010. Instagram influencers earn a lot of money with sponsored ads. You can become an influencer too by gaining popularity and following. In this article, we will tell you how to gain free Instagram followers?

Why should you Instagram for your business?

Almost 20 billion photos have been uploaded to Instagram since it’s launch. An average of over 50 million images and videos are added to Instagram each day. Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms. There is huge potential in Instagram even for businesses.

If you’re not marketing your product, website or business on Instagram, you should start now. Instagram is a new social media marketing platform where you can get big easily by promoting your products and business.

The larger your “following” base is, the more money you could earn as businesses approach you to market their products. There are about 25 million business profiles on Instagram, and connecting with them could be seen as beneficial to gain monetary advances and more likes on Instagram as well.

They establish credibility for the brand and can persuade others by virtue of their reach and authenticity. Many aspire to reach this level of Instagram popularity and it all starts with the basic step of getting free Instagram followers.

How to gain free Instagram followers?

There will always be several ways to reach the same goal. The real problem is reaching your goal without any hacks. There are few programs that can get you easy followers with a simple click. However, these followers are not real. It doesn’t get you anything other than get you permanently banned from Instagram.

Still trying to find a good name for your Instagram profile, pick one from some of our favourite and the best Instagram names.

Some come for free while other options require us to buy Instagram followers. Various third-party apps like Insta auto followers are just scams that reel people in to steal data. I warn you to stay away from them.

Though many may recommend the use of apps auto followers on Instagram, such activity is shunned by the developers and could lead the person to have their profile blocked temporarily and in serious cases,
permanently! Don’t use them either.

Now, how do you grow your Instagram followers? Follow these effective tips to gain followers on Instagram quickly.

Tip #1. Keep your account private

A few days ago, a friend of mine shared an Instagram post in my Insta DMs. But I couldn’t see it because the meme sharing profile he sent me was private. He insisted that I follow it. I did because he recommended it strongly.

They didn’t add me right away. They took a few days before they approved my follow request. As soon as I got the notification, I checked out their account.

The simple strategy worked. They created interest by making the profile private.

It worked. I followed them and still following them.

What you need to do is make your profile private and inaccessible to the public. Take time before you approve the follow-request. This way when you actually approve their follow request, they definitely pay attention to the posts on your profile.

Tip#2. Have an Interesting Bio

When some of your followers invite their friends to follow your page, the only thing they will be able to see is your bio. Since you have made your profile private, they won’t be able to see anything but your bio.

Their friends have already recommended the page to them, they are already ready to follow. Most of them might have already sent you a follow request. But before they do, they will take a look at your bio to get a general idea of your profile.

If you post memes on your Instagram account, then your bio must describe what your memes are like. Are they sarcastic, adult rated or offensive? Are they about politics, science, or coding?

Your bio should give a brief idea about your profile but not too much. The mystery should still be maintained.

Tip #3. Post good content

After you accept their friend request, they will get a notification about it. This is when they visit your profile to see your posts. If they don’t find anything interesting, they would just bounce. Some might even unfollow you.

But the chances of leaving can be minimised with good content. Yes, nothing beats good content. At the end of the day, all your marketing strategies are useless if you don’t post good content.

I can’t tell you how to make good content because I don’t know what your page is about. What is considered good content varies from person to person and with your post-type.

You should always post your information at times when you know traffic of your audience is high such as mid-day, after dinner or during special occasions. Editing posts with filters and uploading photos that are unique and stand out as interesting would give you a higher chance of them being liked and commented on.

Tip #4. Understand your audience

This is pretty standard stuff. The first thing they teach in a marketing class is to understand your targeted audience. If you don’t know who you’re targeting, you don’t know how to target.

Know what your audience like and what they consider good content. Start by following some of your competition on Instagram. See what they are sharing and what kind of their posts are getting more likes and user engagement.

Keep look out on famous Instagram accounts, picking to follow accounts from there that have more “following” than “followers”. Get a general idea of what the targeted audience consider great content by reading the comments. If the users don’t like something, they tell you. Avoid those which are hated by the majority.

Tip #5. Follow multiple people from your target audience

When you follow someone, they will look at your profile to see who you are. That would make them check out your profile. If you have followed the previous tips, your profile will create enough interest for them to send a follow request.

Each day would bring you new requests. The more people you follow, the more people will be introduced to your profile. Once a few weeks have passed, unfollow those users who didn’t follow you back.

Pro-tip: Use Unfollowers for Instagram app to find and unfollow users who are not following you back.

These are some of the people I follow but they don’t follow me.

Follow the same cycle every day. This repeated cycle would reel in a lot of people and is done the clean and right way!

Tip #6. Like random posts of your target audience

Getting likes sometimes may seem hard but there are various ways to boost your chances. Instagram could be seen as a give and take platform too as people like each other’s pages and posts in the hopes that the other person
or business will do the same. Liking your friends and random people’s posts too might create an interest
for them to check your posts and like them too.

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But how do you find posts from your target audience? Use hashtags to find posts related to your profile interests. Or go to your competitor’s page and click on their followers or find profiles from the posts and comments. Like some of their pictures and videos. But don’t like too many because it would seem a little creepy. Don’t like more than 3 or 4 of their posts.

Tip #7. Use hashtags for your posts

Hashtags really help with post visibility. They create a pool of common words or phrases that each person uses and then connects them to others. Using adequate amounts of hashtags including popular ones help increase
the chances of your posts being seen.

Hashtags are a convenient way to connect with potential Instagram followers and gain traction. Though the social media site allows you a maximum of 30 hashtags, it is advised to use a maximum of 3 to 7 of them to boost your brand while keeping things relevant, making it easier for interested audiences to find your posts.

Tip #8. Mix it up with various post-types

A basic method is to try and create engaging posts while experimenting with the different media formats available to upload such as pictures and videos. Use texts, GIFs, a series of images and Instagram stories.

Testing posts to see the engagement is always a good idea. Having a mix of both normal posts and stories added to your account gives your followers a full experience of what you have to offer. While also keeping them
excited, they improve the user engagement.

A mix of text, images, GIFs and videos help to create a more appealing look for your posts. People tend to gravitate towards creativity and humour. Even if you’re a business, keep your posts fun and entertaining.

Tip #9. Promote your page with ads and contests

This tip is very helpful for businesses. As businesses can’t and won’t put their Instagram accounts on private, there must be a different way to promote it. The best way to do it is to hold contests.

Holding contests, promoting your Instagram account on other social media, liking and commenting on users photos, posting at peak traffic hours, and posting on holidays and using paid promotions are other methods to gain traction and get followers.

Instagram ads see far greater engagement that Facebook ads with the cost per click for Instagram ads ranging between 0.70$ and 1$. Your advertising costs would depend on your campaign budget, ads relevance score and
how likely targeted audiences are to convert after viewing your ad. So, invest more money in advertising high-quality content that has a potentially higher conversion rate.

Tip #10. Promote your posts with paid ads

If you have the budget to advertise, there is no effective way to get your posts seen by your target audience. You can target an audience based on their interests and location, this is very effective if you are promoting a business.

Using paid promotion of your best posts will give you a chance to get followers at a much higher pace. Always promote photos that show viewers what your page is about and the engagement it promises.

Pro-tip: Go live with a friend to gain their followers too.

Tip #11. Post every day but not too many

You need to post content every day, so your audience gets to know your page better. It is important to understand the balance between keeping your followers engaged and piling their feed with posts that just leads them to lose interest.

Instagram at the same time only allows viewing of a particular amount of posts on your feed and being saturated with posts from the same user may lead to unsatisfactory effects.

The optimum number of posts per day for an enjoyable and effective Instagram experience for your users depends on the strategy that you wish to implement and the amount of time you can dedicate to Instagram
marketing efforts.

How many are too many? Statistics have shown however that 55 of the top performing brands post 1-2 times per day.

However, the limit is not a compulsory rule to follow because high-quality posts are always be appreciated.

What is the total number of Instagram users?

Instagram today boasts a total of 800 million users, with the United States claiming top spot with 120 million users as India come right behind with an impressive 67 million users, followed by Brazil at 63 million. It has been one of the most popular social networks worldwide among young adults and reports to have 1 billion monthly active users in the month of July, 2018 only to see this number rise in the months that followed.

How to make money on Instagram?

Though Instagram does not directly pay you for having a certain amount of followers, you could collaborate with companies that pay for making posts that advertise their brand’s product. Though a large following is required to
make such partnerships they are extremely beneficial to users having 1.5 million subscribers having the chance to make around $5000 by just posting and promotion.

Depending on the uniqueness of your brand, your audience and level of engagement you can begin earning a decent amount through your social media efforts on Instagram. Forbes claims that a business would be willing to pay around 50,000 $ to a user with 1- 3 million followers while this amount increases to 75,000$ and 150,000$ for a following strength of 3-7 million and 7 million + respectively.

I hope this article help you gain free Instagram followers for your Instagram account.


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