August 16, 2021

Free License Keys for MyCleanPC 2021

We’ve all experienced it before: our devices lagging or slowing down the longer we’ve had it. It’s frustrating, especially when you’re in a hurry to do something on your PC, phone, or tablet, but it’s functioning as slow as a turtle. At times like these, it’s necessary to clean out your device’s cache files and other unnecessary data to not only free up some space but to make your device a little faster. Sometimes, however, there’s more to this process than just erasing files from your device manually.

More often than not, these devices have hidden files that you can’t access on your own. As such, you have to make use of PC cleaning software to do the job for you. With the help of such software, your device will be able to perform at its highest potential, just like when you first bought it. We’ll specifically talk about MyCleanPC in this article, a PC cleaning software that helps you diagnose your device’s issues and fixes them at the same time. Unfortunately, this software requires a valid activation or license key to use all the available features.

Keep reading to find out more if you want access to a list of free license keys for MyCleanPC.

What Is MyCleanPC?

MyCleanPC is an effective optimization and cleaning software that offers various features and benefits, including cleaning out temporary files and cache and protecting your PC from adware. Not only that, but this handy tool can also delete any unnecessary data and files that have accumulated throughout the years, along with a privacy protector to keep your sensitive information safe and secure.


Owning computers and laptops can be really expensive from the get-go, as you constantly have to buy upgrades and the like to make your device even better. As such, you need to cut back on costs as much as you can. Fortunately, MyCleanPC offers a free version that you can use. This free version isn’t short on features, either; it’s definitely worth trying out if you still want to test out the software’s capabilities. Once you’re more confident in what the tool has to offer, you can choose to proceed to pay for the premium version.

That being said, these are some of the major features you can expect from MyCleanPC:

  • It can increase your computer’s overall performance and speed, thanks to its powerful scanning engine.
  • It deletes all the necessary data and temporary files that your PC has collected over the years.
  • It can improve your device’s overall security and get rid of any pesky pop-ups.

How to Download MyCleanPC

Before you dive in and go for the paid version, you can go ahead and try out the free version first. To download the free version, follow these steps:

  1. Go to MyCleanPC’s official website and make sure that you download the software from there. Downloading the tool from another untrustworthy site could be dangerous to your device. So it’s always better to go for official sources.
  2. After the software is done downloading, go ahead and install it on your PC.
  3. Launch the software and run the free diagnostic scan. You’ll see a major improvement in your device’s performance.

Free License Keys

The free version is already pretty great, but it’s undoubtedly limited. If you want to efficiently clean your PC of any spyware, malware, viruses, and more, you’ll need to pay for the premium version. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of working license keys so you can activate your MyCleanPC software without forking over any cash. Choose from any of the keys below to activate the software.


How to Use the License Keys

If you want to activate your MyCleanPC account, do the following steps:

  1. Copy the license key.
  2. Launch MyCleanPC and start scanning your PC.
  3. Once done, open up the results.
  4. On the bottom-left corner, you should see the ‘Activate Now’ option. Click that.
  5. On the provided field, paste the license key.
  6. Tap the Activate Now button.
  7. You can then click on the ‘Clean all items now’ option for the full experience.


It’s vital that you keep your computer or laptop clean and well-optimized. After all, no one wants to use a slow PC that keeps on lagging even when doing the smallest tasks. If you find that your computer needs a thorough cleaning, you should definitely give MyCleanPC a shot.

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