Predict your Website’s/Blog Future Google PageRank


Google Page Rank is a measure to rank all the websites in the world from 0-10. If a website has PR0 then it is said to be a poor website whereas a website with more than PR5 is said to be the best one according to Google. Google updates its page rank only twice or thrice  in a year and no one knows in which month they will update them. As it was said earlier in this website that Google doesn’t suddenly releases the page rank instead it keeps on calculating it daily and just publishes it on the day of update. We have developed a tool replicating the Google’s algorithm to calculate the page rank and let me tell you how to use it.

How to Use the Tool to Predict Page Rank

Using this tool is not like training a lion inside the circus instead it’s really a piece of cake. Let me tell you how it should be used.

Step 1 : Follow this link :

Step 2 : Input your website’s URL address in the search box with or without http.

Step 3 : Click on the nice green button with the name “Predict“.

how to predict future google pr

Step 4 : There’s no step 4 , as soon as you click on the predict button you will see the page rank which you would be getting it for the next update.

If your website’s rank is less than 4 then you need to Check this article on How to improve the Google Page Rank.

greater than 4 then use this tool for Building High Quality Do-follow Backlinks.

Remember that after building backlinks it does takes time to get index and you will seeing fruitful results after that. So bookmark this site and check it for every two days after building links. There are many other tools that we have developed on this site and you can find all of them at one place here : .

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Zaid Niazi

Mine is showing 0 🙁

Work on backlinks



Dk Patel

My future PR is showing 2. Nice tool But is… Read more »

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Ashwin singh

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Ajay Murmu

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Hey Imran,
Thanks for sharing this awesome tool..I like it

Awesome article Imran Bro…and Nice Tool…My Future Rank is 1..Can… Read more »


Nice Tool Very Useful.

This showing me same as now.

Vishnu Mohan

It seems to be a nice tool.. But is it… Read more »

I generally use SEO quake chrome extension to find the… Read more »

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“Your future PR is N/A”
What does it mean??


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make own blog

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Ajmal Roshan

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Awesome tool bro..
It is showing 1 for my blog.


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Great post it’s useful beginning blog

Kulvir Singh

Nice tool created by Imran and all ATB team. Thanks… Read more »

Any idea when Google will update the PR?


Nice tool,its very useful.

The funniest part this piece of code ( is, my… Read more »


Am working on my backlink, No page rank without backlink

Sanket Gupta

Amazing Article, but my blog 3gTricksZone = PR 0 but… Read more »


Why two of my comments are been deleted instead of… Read more »


I could still see them waiting for approval, LOL. Please… Read more »

Thibbun Nabawi

It’s normal that if my PR is 0 now in… Read more »


Great article bro


hello, and happy to see a future PR 5 :-)))… Read more »

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thanks for is very nice and useful


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