How to Get A Website/Blog Approved and Listed in Google News


Google News has been an abundant source of Traffic for many websites since few years. Previously there were only a few publishers on Google News so things were pretty easy, back then. But now many sites got into google news to drive traffic to their blog/websites. However, Google News still acts as a good source of traffic for websites that produce good quality content in large volumes.

If you are new here you should check out my article on Things you need to know about Google News.

In this article, I will explain you the step by step process to get your website/blog into Google News. Things are not that easy but if you follow all the steps properly then the chances of your website getting into news would increase.

Steps to get your Website into Google News:

1.Your Website Theme/Look

Your website theme plays a key role in getting you approved for google news. It should be of Magazine Style with proper section wise news on various topics like Politics, Education, Entertainment, Technology etc.

As the name says the theme must look like a news website. There are many themes out there, if in case you are a WordPress user you can go ahead with some popular Magazine Style Theme.

You can have a look at popular news sites India Today, Times of India, All India Roundup etc

2. Your Website must be complete with all required info:

Your website must have pages like About Us, Contact Us, Media Kit and an Authors page as well. Of all these, you must have an about us page where you have to list all your authors with a brief bio.

3. Website must be Multi-Authored:

This is quite obvious. A single person alone cannot produce lots of content daily. So, it should have a minimum of 2-3 authors who covers on various topics each and every single day.

4. Do not post about Job Updates, Notifications, and How-To Guides:

This is one of the biggest mistakes people do, posting about jobs and job notifications is completely against Google News TOS. So, if you have any articles about Job updates and notifications you have to remove them immediately before you apply for Google News.

However, you can post few job updates after your site gets a full approval for Google News.

Along with that do not post How-To guides, a website with how to guides doesn’t get a news approval as the name says the website must be updated with latest news stuff and not how to guides. If in case you are posting How to guides exclude them for the news sitemap.

5. Author bio on Post Pages

The author name is a must, but bio is generally optional. But if you are applying for an approval then having an author bio will increase your chances of getting approved.

6. You must divide content into sections/categories

Every news website has some categories so divide content into different categories because Google News will ask you for different sections like Headlines, Technology, Entertainment etc while you are applying for Google News.

7. You must publish good number of articles per day

Generally they say you can get into news if you publish 3 articles per day. But believe me, that wouldn’t be sufficient enough. You must publish at least 10 articles per day and before few days of applying publish at least 15+ articles per day.

8. Grammar plays a key role

Your application will be reviewed manually by someone from Google News team. They will verify the complete website to the best possible extent and they will manually read few articles posted on your website. So, no matter even if you have satisfied all the above guidelines if your website doesn’t have proper grammar then your application will be declined without any hesitation.

9. Google News Sitemap and News Keyword Tag

Google News sitemap is a little different from the sitemap which you generally have on your blog. A Google News sitemap will have only a maximum of 1000 URLs in the index at a time.

Also, you need one more additional tag called news_keywords tag, however, this is optional initially but if you have one for your blog the chances of getting approval would increase.

For these two I would highly recommend you to go for Yoast SEO News Plugin if you are a WordPress user which is a premium plugin and you have to pay for it.

Alternately you can also use Google News XML Plugin for Sitemap and Google News Keywords from Tags plugin for news_keywords tag.

10. If you cannot do all the above steps then do this

If you follow all the above steps properly then you can definitely get into google news but I know the above-mentioned steps are a little difficult to achieve and takes some time.

Also, sometimes even though you have followed all the above steps, still your application might get rejected due to some unknown reasons.

Alternately you can buy a website/domain which is already listed in Google News. There are quite a few brokers on Flippa and few other marketplaces who sell expired/parked domains that are already listed in Google News. It would cost you anywhere between $500 to $5000 based on the demand for the domain/website.

  • Once you are done with all the steps head over to this page and click on Google News Publisher Center at the bottom of the page. Generally it takes 2-5 days to know whether your application is accepted or rejected. If in case its rejected you have to wait for 90 more days. So, give your best on the first attempt itself.

So, I guess it’s very clear on how to get your site listed on to Google News. It’s not easy at the same time it’s not impossible as well. Do contact me if you need any help in getting your site listed on Google News, I can help you out with the same.

My next article would be on optimizing a Google News website stay tuned.

If you need any help in buying/selling/optimizing Google News website feel free to hit me a mail at or

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Nice post Sir Ji, Please Tell me something more about: Before Apply Requirement
1 – Minimum Site Age ?
2 – Minimum Site Traffic (Organic and Social) ?
3 – Minimum post?
4 – Hosting I means we can run it on Blogger?
5 – Most News Sites just rewriting NEWS from other big news sites, Its ok ?
Thank You

Your answers.
1. 3 months would be fine.
2. No traffic requirement as of now.
3. 500+ posts would be a good count.
4. You can run it on blogger but I would suggest self hosted wordpress only.
5. You can if you have permission from other website from where you are copying.

Thanks sir one thing I forget about Ranking Factor.
Please Tell me about NEWS sites’s SEO, Means
How to do best SEO of NEWS sites?
What Backlinks Needed for rankling?
How Many Backlinks Needed?
What Kind Backlinks Needed?
How to get ranked?

Thanks for great article Imran,

My website automatically approved for google news,

Here my doubt is how its happen and my website is not responsive design thats why my SEO friends suggest to change site to wordpress, right now I’m doing that, bur i need some suggestions and tips to develop my website more effectively.


Do contact me at I can help you out with the same.


ok Imran just send please check it….


Hi Imran Bro, I heard that For google news, In url you should have 3 distinguish parameters. Is it true ?


Hey Imran! Really usefull information that you shared with us. But one thing i want to ask. My site is . But the Landing page does not have the News. Suppose i make the Sub domain like After than can i use Google News for that..


AK Khan

Dear Imran,

Is my religious site is eligible for approval for Good News

Yes you can get it into news if you follow all the above conditions.

thanks a lot.

How to find news approved domains from the expired domains.

As some people don’t know that their websites are approved for google news how to get to know about these websites

Go to and do a then if you will find if the website is listed or not.

Hi Imran Bro,
Nice Man,i want to add my Blog in Google new but i am not know how to get approval.Thank for guide with Detail.Keep up it.Have a nice week.

hi imran, i have to start jobportal but how to get google adsence account approval pls tell me
thank u


Brother i have a multi niche website and i had applied for google news but can’t approved. Can you please check my website ???

You should know what mistakes you have done by this time from the above article. Do rectify them in the next appeal.

Harry Goyal

Hello Imran,
As after 6 months we can reapply for Google News so I can see Request Inclusion In Google News button in Google News Publish Center. But can you please please review my website before applying. I don’t want to wait for more 6 months. Please my website is

THANKS in Advance

Hi Imran,

Superb article. you covered everything and cleared my almost doubts. since last month I was looking for this information.
thank you

Thanks a lot.bro . Great content . I searched it for many times .

Thanks for sharing unique information.

kamal Gill

hi Imran

Great article thanks for explain breifly, i have entertainment niche site like koimoi, You tell me Imran single niche site liek (review, boxoffice, and songs ) easy for google news approval or not ? and permalinks play any role for approval ? many people use like this

Again thanks

You can get approval for even a single topic site.

Permalinks doesn’t play a key role. Google news just want you to have a proper sitemap or add a unique number to permalink. Any one of these would work. But adding a sitemap would solve the problem.

Ajit Soren

Awesome .. This is what i was looking for.. but i have a doubt How to change the url to like this ” ” i read in the news publishers policy that site’s url need to have a four digit unique number which should now match any year or it will not crawl that …. is it ?? and in maximum new publisher’s site i have seen that thing common. it would be great if you tell me how one can do that .. ?? & in the “News sections information” what URL to give Thanks in Advance wanted… Read more »

Use a separate sitemap that would be fine. You don’t need numeric parameter if you have a sitemap.

Hi Imran,
This is indeed a very good insight about getting Google news approval. I have submitted my site times without number but all to no avail, hopefully with these tips my site will have an edge way into Google news

Venkata Veeranjaneyulu

Thanks for sharing.

Yeswanth Ray

is there any special backlinking methods that have to be done with this news blogs..?

Not required.


Good Post Imran…
Its very useful


Hello imran ji while starting the blog do you have any Knowledge about blogging and if you have take any coaching in any institution for blogging. How do you know about bloggig internt money buy publishing post and ads

I learnt everything myself.

Bharath Bhushan Naidu

Internet makes you an expert thought you start with nothing.
Just follow blogs for latest updates and stay updated.


I have an doubt on blogging if i want an programmer or not. Can i ask an question on your blog income for month i am going to apply for the blog permission how much money takes by google and how many day it takes

Thank you for sharing this article. This is very helpful for me. You can also seen another article here @

Hi Imran ! Thanks for your wonderful articles. You are the who is being inspiration for many of the bloggers from south India. Hope you will teach all of us more and more with your Talent. Expecting more best articles from you.
Your Follower .. Vishnu Vardhan Reddy


Hi Imran plz let me know how to get my site in google news My website :

Follow the above given steps, it should get approved.

Nice and informative post imran. This article really helps me to get listed one of my news website in Google news. Great Job.

Thanks for the info on Google news approval . But I had heard that 3 unique numbers should be in permalink for news approval.Can you please clarify my doubt and please have a look of my site http:// is that eligible for news?

This is much helpfull to me and i didn’t even know that there is this type of submissions will be there


Thanks for the information. Everyone will like to have their blog in google news. Following your steps will make it easy.

There are lots of websites who claims that they will publish your site in google news and other top search engines. Should we go for a try or it will affect our google page ranking?

Hello bro will u write something about stumbleupon and how to unlock a domain if the domain locked hope u write tanq

We have received the same following message for our site. Today when checking my I got this following error on my PlusNews Site : “Your Sitemap is on a site that is not in the Google News database. Google News can only accept Sitemaps from sites that we crawl. If your site is crawled by Google News, please check that the URL of your Sitemap agrees with the URLs of your articles as they appear on Google News, including any leading “www”. If you would like to request inclusion of your site in Google News, please contact the Google… Read more »

Better mail me to

Hi Imran,

Well explained post. My previous attempt to apply for the news site failed. I was searching for a solution and landed here. Now, I learned about the mistakes I did on the site. I will rectify it and apply it again. Will share good news once it is approved.


This is really helping, I’ll do all above mention steps to get my website approved and listed in google news, Thanks for sharing such a great information.

Venkata Veeranjaneyulu

multi Niche site are eligible for google news??


usefull article

Its really very useful article for beginners. Thank you, sir.


is it news keyword is compulsory? 🙁 i don’t have news keyword in my domain name:

News keyword not really required.


Thank you Imran for the helpful pointers, can you share your tricks on decent traffic increment?

Mukesh Dutta

Wow Imran, I didn’t know that traffic can be generated from Google News too. Thanks for the information.

Hi imran,

thank for your valuable information.

Will blog post be shown in news ?

Google News is trending a lot since last year. I have been hearing about this a lot. Your tips are very useful for a beginner. Thanks for sharing it.

thanq good one…

Thanks nice article for indexing blog in Google News.

Here i am begineer my site i have completly created with Your help Thanks For Supporting Us anna. meru elagey inka inka chala manchi posts lu chaiyali


Hi imran,
Thank For Your Valuable Tnformation…..

Hope Praise

Hi Imran,
thanks for sharing this quality tutorial on how to get accepted by Google News.

Hey Imran,
Great post but can I submit my micro-niche website to it? Would it be accepted at Google News or not?

minimu age of site domain is required or not.


Superb . you have cleared my almost all doubts.
Thank You

Thanks, leme check with google news too… 🙂

This is a very genuine post, people can rely on it!