December 7, 2021

Get To Know More About Honda PCX

This article will take you to a discussion, plus many other learnings, about the Honda PCX. Read on.

The Honda PCX: Overview

For several people who share their expert opinion about driving, it is refreshing to see that Honda, which established its foothold in the United States way back from the time when there was a friendly little 49cc moto for the masses, is continuing to take scooters seriously, especially with the unveiling of three of their favorites returning to the catalog for 2021 and 2022. These are the PCX, Ruckus, and Metropolitan.

While the 2022 Ruckus and Metropolitan are not changed except the new paint, the 2021 PCX returns with its “150” nomenclature dropped from its name, befitting the new, more extensive, and more fuel-efficient engine.

The fuel-injected and liquid-cooled SOHC single is now an oversquare 60mm by 55.5mm — bore by stroke — with a displacement of up to 7cc to 157cc. A larger 28mm throttle body feeds it fuel, of which Honda indicates it will need less, thanks to the new four-valve design, and for 2021, it also gets an automatic hydraulic cam-chain adjuster. This is one less maintenance chore to worry about.

The double-cradle chassis of PCX has also been redesigned for 2021, providing better cornering ability and a more comfortable ride. Beneath the seat is a 30-liter storage compartment, huge enough to store a full-face helmet or a bag of groceries. Plus, the essential USB charging port integrated into the front pairing is standard.

Other features include the side stand and center stand, with the LED headlight and turn signals, an enormous LCD instrument, and an optional Anti Lock-Braking System. Beyond these, the improvements will never cost the owner that much.

Do not get skeptical if you are still looking around and deciding on what scooter to buy. The above discussion should provide you with a clear visualization of what the PCX looks like. Let us take it further with a discussion of its features.

Features Of Honda PCX

From providing the owner ultimate comfort to its performance, here are the host of features that the Honda PCX has.


Comfort is vital for the driver. The Honda PCX features a long, plush seat that looks comfortable in the pictures and even is more comfortable in actuality. Plus, provide your copilot an incredible view with the promising stepped passenger section.


Once you flip the seat open, you will see a large amount of storage space, enough for most full-face helmets and an evening’s worth of groceries. The main compartment locks for security and is also weather-resistance too. For this year, 2021, the car brand increased this to a full 30 liters, making it large enough for daily use.

The PCX is also easy to park. It gives the owner the choice of both a side stand and a center stand. These make it easier to park, such as into a store, for the side stand or upright in a tighter space, for the center stand.

It also features an electric start. Simply turn the key, press the button, and the fuel-injected engine of your PCX fires right up and runs smoothly, even in colder weather conditions.

The PCX lets every scooter driver enjoy a world-class style and premium features, and Honda has even freshened it up for 2021. The features include the new, large, and central LED headlight; integrated LED turn signals; and easy-to-read LCD instrumentation that is wider this year, giving the scooter a premium look and feel. We could not wait for what will be in store for the customers in 2022.

Another great feature in terms of convenience is the X-shaped tail lamp. It uses multi-optics technology, emitting bright light with its attention-grabbing design.

It is also highly fuel-efficient with the sizable 2.1-gallon fuel tank, so you can even go on longer rides and ride even further between fill-ups.


The PCX, when it comes to its technology, features the Anti-Lock Braking System of Honda, giving the driver the power to make confident stops, even in unpleasant conditions.

It also provides an integral USB-type socket in the fairing storage compartment. This makes it incredibly easy to keep your personal electronics charged up while you are on the go.

What about the frame? As they say, excellent handling starts with a solid chassis design, and this is where the latest PCX units really shine. It utilizes a duplex-cradle design rather than the more common “underbone” style. Plus, the latest models have frames re-engineered for even better handling and comfort for the rider.

It also provides the Honda V-Matic automatic transmission, where you just start the engine, twist the throttle, and you will be ready to go. That means you never have to do the shifting. You can concentrate on the road ahead. The V-Matic feature is a continuously variable design, so you will never feel it lurch from one gear to another.


This year, Honda gave the PCX its whole new engine. First, it is bigger and now displacing 156.9cc. The eSP+ technology or enhanced smart power utilizes a new four-valve design with a new bore/stroke ratio specially designed to lower emissions and provide the rider with responsive performance.

This scooter also features liquid cooling and Programmed Fuel Injection for outstanding performance in various traffic conditions. It also features an awe-inspiring fuel efficiency.

This year, the car brand also upgraded its internal engine. The hydraulic cam-chain adjustment is totally automatic, eliminating a common maintenance point. The engineers at Honda have made it even easier to own a PCX.

Moreover, the engine of the PCX utilizes special, low-friction roller bearings in the crankshaft. It helps give the rider a smooth-running powerplant that gets excellent mileage at the same time.

There are several benefits of owning a scooter or motorcycle if you have not yet decided. These advantages include being a huge saver of money, better for the environment, fuel-efficient, easy to handle, lower in power, road-friendly, easier to park, and a great saver of space.

You can own your Honda PCX today.

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