May 30, 2017

Google AdWords Beta For Search And Display Ads With AMP Landing Pages

On Tuesday, at ‘Google Marketing Next’ event in San Francisco, Google announced more integrations for AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for Display and Search advertisers to improve advertising performance.

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For search advertisers, Google is launching a new AdWords beta that lets AdWords users able to use fast-loading AMP pages as the landing pages for their search ads.

After users click a search ad from mobile, the ad will direct to the AMP landing page that can serve up much faster than standard landing pages. When creating ads in AdWords, advertisers will be able to designate an AMP-enabled landing page at the ad level.

Google wrote:

The new AdWords beta brings the performance benefits of faster mobile pages to search campaigns. Now, when advertisers link their search ads to AMP landing pages, consumers will get the fast mobile web experiences they’ve come to expect from AMP pages on Google Search.

AdWords Beta For Search And Display Ads With AMP Landing Pages (1)


AMP landing pages obviously load significantly faster than standard mobile web pages — typically in less than a second. And the faster those pages load, the higher the chance of converting a user into a customer.

Using the same technology that makes AMP pages so fast, Google is also speeding up ads served across the Google Display Network

On the Google Display Network, Google will automatically convert Display ads to AMP Ads format. Google has found AMP ads can load up to 5 seconds faster than regular ads, even though they will look exactly the same. Ultimately, this ensures that your messages are actually seen by your intended audience and that the experience users have with your brand will be seamless.


Earlier this month, at its I/O developer conference, Google also made several announcements about its push to make AMP the standard for the mobile web.

If you’re interested in participating in the beta, sign up here.

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