January 17, 2018

Google Just Acquired A UK-Based Startup ‘Redux’ Which Turns Smartphone Screen Into Speakers

In an attempt to free up space inside its smartphones, Google has recently made an interesting deal with a UK based start-up that will give it access to exciting new technology for future smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. Google has quietly acquired a company named ‘Redux’ that developed a technology to convert phone displays into speakers. This eliminates the need for small speakers in mobile phones, freeing up space for batteries or other components.



According to Redux’s website, which is no longer online, this British company has been developing a Panel Audio System since 1997; they are trying to do this by placing an array of vibrating actuators beneath the device’s display to produce sound, thus freeing up space for installing a larger battery or some other hardware on the device. Just recently they got about 178 granted patents for their work on sound and touch technology.

It’s unclear exactly when the deal between both the companies was made, but reports say it may have happened all the way back in August 2017. However, the transfer of shares of Redux holding company NVF Tech Ltd. was confirmed on December 13, as reported by Bloomberg.

Redux isn’t the only company looking to transform screens into speakers. In fact, Sony’s flagship OLED television from 2017 — the Bravia A1E — features similar technology.

Apart from Redux, Google acquired many other startups and businesses last year. Most notable of which was that it acquired HTC’s mobile division for $1.1 billion. After Redux’s acquisition, one can expect Google’s upcoming devices to come equipped with haptic sound technology.

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