November 23, 2017

Apple’s Swift Code Can Now Run on Google’s Fuchsia OS

We all know that Google is developing a new operating system named Fuchsia. Apparently, Google is working to integrate Swift, Apple’s open-source programming language with Fuchsia OS.


Fuchsia is an in-development operating system by Google, quiet contrast to Android and Chrome OS developed by Google itself. While Android and Chrome OS are based on Linux Kernels, the new OS is based on new microkernel called Zircon, a small operating system intended for embedded systems. And Swift is a programming language developed by Apple to create iOS, macOS/tv OS/watchOS apps. It can be mixed with existing C/C-objective/C++ code on company’s own platform similar to how both Kotlin and Java can be used in the same codebase to create Android applications.


Swift’s creator, Chris Lattner who currently works at Google posted a tweet clarifying that the company wanted its own working copy of the code to make changes and then release them to Swift’s repository. In fact, Google’s OS was already spotted on Swift’s Github repository via a pull request made by a Google employee that adds Fuchsia OS support to the compiler. According to Android Police, Google is intending to split it into several pull requests to make the reviewing code changes easier. Google developer Zac Bowling, who helped port Objective-C to Android a few years ago, replied to Lattner’s tweet confirming that a pull request was made to Swift’s Github to add support to Swift for Fuchsia.


Fuchsia already supports apps written in Dart, a C language developed by Google, C/C++ and Go. And now, Swift could also join the list making it a more appealing platform for developers. It could also be a replacement for Android and Chome OS but the exact intention of Google plans with Fuchsia isn’t clear yet. However, the new OS couldn’t be anything but interesting and exciting.


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