October 16, 2017

Google and Udacity combinedly Offering Scholorships to 50,000 Developers in US

Earlier this week, the Tech Giant, Google, and the online education organization, Udacity have collaboratively announced a scholarship program which benefits 50,000 aspiring developers by providing them world-class learning opportunities. Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, has announced the scholarship program as a part of “Grow with Google” initiative at a press conference earlier this week.


This isn’t the first time that Google and Udacity have collaborated. 1,000 and 10,000 scholarships have been provided to developers in 2015 and 2016 respectively by Udacity and Google. Both the companies have already conducted a scholarship program earlier this year along with another Germany media company Bertelsmann which provided 75,000 coders an opportunity to benefit from free developer courses. While the program involved 2 phases, where the first phase includes 60,000 scholarships offering courses focusing on Android and Web development, and the remaining 15,000 scholarships offered courses in data science at both beginner and intermediate level. Once again they launched the scholarship program this year covering 50,000 Web and Android application developers in two phases.


Udacity mentioned the details of the scholarship in its blog saying: There are two phases to this new scholarship program:

Phase 1: 50,000 Challenge Scholarships
The first phase of this scholarship provides three months of access to one of four Udacity courses: Intro to HTML + CSS, Offline Web Applications, Android Basics, and Developing Android Apps. Scholarship recipients in these courses will receive a robust community experience supported by Udacity mentors and dedicated Community Managers; they will also have a chance to qualify for a full Nanodegree scholarship.

Phase 2: 5,000 Nanodegree Scholarships
The top 5,000 students in the program will earn an additional 6-month scholarship to one of four Nanodegree programs: Front-End Web Developer, Mobile Web Specialist, Android Basics, and Android Developer. These programs offer world-class curriculum, a groundbreaking classroom experience, industry-leading instructors, expert project reviews, and a full suite of career services.

The main aim of this scholarship program is to include all the aspiring web and Android developers irrespective of the industry and the degree they hold. One must possess skills, experience, and guidance irrespective of a Computer Science degree to get hired which will be gained through this scholarship challenge.

All the US citizens above 18 are eligible to apply for the scholarship program. And the last date of applying for the scholarship is November 30. You can apply for the scholarship program here.

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