February 21, 2017

Google Unveils YouTube Go App, Now You Can Download And Watch Videos Offline

Who doesn’t like to spend time watching YouTube videos? Many of us like to watch YouTube videos, right? Eventually, we run out of the data much faster as the YouTube videos take much data to load. Thus, people are looking for an alternative for watching YouTube videos that take low data. It seems that people who are looking for an alternative for watching YouTube videos have got it.

Do you remember the YouTube app that ‘Google’ promised last year which would let you download videos from the service?

Finally, Google has unveiled its most anticipated data-conscious YouTube Go app and it has it the Google Play Store (Beta Version) recently. Google has launched the app on Play store in beta version. The app, as promised by Google, is a light size (<10MB) and features an option to share files using Wi-Fi Direct protocol.

YouTube Go App Unveiled

The company has released YouTube Go along with a Signup page. The company is setting the service as a “faster, and lighter” version of its giant video hosting and streaming service. It’s also an extension to the download feature YouTube introduced to its primary app for offline viewing in 2014.

Image Credit: Google


After installing the app from the Google Play Store, you need to register the app using your mobile number just like you would on Google Allo or Google Duo. The verification works through an OTP code and then it collates and suggests you videos based on your ‘Thumbs up’, Subscribers and YouTube history in the ‘Home’ tab.

YouTube Go Features

Tapping on any video shows you the ‘Download’ pop up, giving you details about the free space on your smartphone and the quality of video that you want to ‘Save’ or ‘Play’.

Share videos with friends


  • An ‘in-app updater’ in the ‘Settings’ menu.
  • The mobile number being used to register this app should be attached to your Google account or YouTube ID.
  • The app shows you snapshots or screen grabs taken from the video in quick succession to help you preview your video before you download the video.
  • You can share the videos with your friends or family using the ‘Nearby’ feature without the need of any internet.

YouTube Go Settings

Youtube Go was announced and tested in 15 cities in India. The app isn’t available in all regions because it’s still the beta version. You can grab the APK of YouTube Go from HERE, or you can grab it from Google Play Store.

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