February 15, 2018

Google’s Android Messages Could Let You Text From Your Computer

Google has its own messaging apps such as Hangouts, Voice, Allo and Android Messages, but still, it lags behind when compared to its competitors such as Facebook’s messenger, Apple’s iMessage and Whatsapp. So Google is planning to give a makeover to its default SMS application “Android Messages” on its Pixel and Nexus devices by adding up some advanced features.

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The new update could possibly enable the users to pair their mobile with the computer and text directly from a browser like Chrome, Safari and Firefox just as you can do with Whatsapp and Allo. In a recent update to the Android Messaging application, a hidden code was found indicating that Google is getting ready to release a web-based service of the application. Similar to WhatsApp Web, this feature may require users to go the website and scan a QR code and get connected to your phone to send texts. Android Police revealed that the code is capable of supporting multiple computers and multiple browsers. This feature appears to be partially implemented in the Android Messages 2.9 APK but you can’t send an actual text yet. It might support browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer.


Google also plans to update the application with messaging over Wi-Fi and also viewing the messaging status (typing, delivered, read, etc.,). The APK hints that the application will be having the ability to send and receive payments via Google Pay. There are signs that Android Messages will be having “Google Enhanced Messaging” similar to Smart Replies for Gmail and Allo.

Currently, the project is codenamed as “Ditto” but officially the title is expected to be “Messages for Web”.

According to Android Police, “There’s a new version of Android Messages rolling out for the phones. So far, we haven’t seen any significant changes to the UI, but huge things are happening under the surface.”

The report added, “Users will be guided to visit a website on the computer they want to pair with the phone, then simply scan a QR code. They will be able to send and receive messages in the web interface and it will link with the device to do the actual SMS/MMS/RCS communication through their network carrier.”

Google has to make official announcements on the implementation of these new features in the upcoming version of Android Messages.

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