November 6, 2017

Gravity Concept Phone Doesn’t Differentiate between Top or Bottom

A concept phone is developed by the designers Jean-Francois Bozec and Julien Lanoy which is named as Gravity phone. The gravity phone is designed to embrace the true symmetry i.e, the smartphone does not differentiate between top or bottom of the handset that implies the users need not think about how they should hold the device. Any angle is good!



Not only the concept of symmetric design, the gravity phone can be distinguished from the recent top-notch phones such as iPhone X and Galaxy Note 8 by its slightly curved design at the back of the phone which fits perfectly into the grip of the hand.

The phone comes with a  1220 x 2440 pixels resolution. It has interesting 12MPx dual front-facing cameras located at the opposite ends of the phone which are used for taking selfies with depth. The 16MPx rear camera of the phone is located at the center to click pictures in either way. The round photosensor of the handset allows the users to switch between portrait or landscape view easily when the phone is rotated and the clicked pictures can be instantly edited by the users. The edges of the phone are touch sensitive which can be used to scroll the screen without actually touching it.


There’s no home button on the phone instead it has a fingerprint sensor on its back. The gravity phone also includes a FaceID improving the security feature. It can be used to unlock the phone instead of the fingerprint scanner.

The gravity phone includes a feature called Orion Os, which is used for faster navigation among the phone’s apps without interferences. There’s an RGB LED notification ring which shows only the area of the screen that has the essential information such as messages, time and etc to save the battery. The smartphone uses USB Type-C port for charging. The gravity phone will be available in two colors, black and space blue.

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