July 21, 2020

Guide on Outsourcing Payroll for a Foreign Company Branch in Dubai

Outsourcing payroll for a foreign company branch in Dubai is a quick and easy way in saving valuable company resources, especially time and money. Rather than calculating and tracking employee salaries by hand, you can simply have experts do it for you without having to retain them inhouse!

How Payroll Outsourcing for Dubai Foreign Company Branch Works

A payroll outsourcing firm will have a team of payroll specialists process your company payroll by taking t3he information of your employees such as pay rate, job title, hire date, and name, obtaining the time card data, making calculations on the pay that is due to every staff member, and paying the exact amount through the issuance of a payroll check or through direct deposit.

Listed below are the steps payroll outsourcing service providers generally follow for processing the payroll of a foreign company branch in Dubai:

  • Set up of a system for collecting and organizing employee and company data, including payroll bank account of the business and bank accounts of employees for direct deposit
  • Collection of new employee information, as well provide new hire reporting required by government authorities
  • Request or obtaining of time card data (hours worked of employees) every pay period in order to make calculations
  • Check and confirm the hours worked of every employee for each pay period and categorize as unpaid or paid, then calculate the gross pay
  • Run the payroll by processing deductions such as benefits and garnishments
  • Making deposits into the accounts of employees (can be pay card or direct deposit; if applicable, deliver paychecks or advice to the homes of employees or office)
  • Making payments to vendors like insurance companies on behalf of the company
  • Pay all insurance costs that are due
  • Supply the company administration reports

Depending on the payroll services in Dubai that are offered, a service provider of payroll outsourcing in UAE can also be able to provide assistance with onboarding paperwork for new hires and setting up of wage protection system. Payroll outsourcing can also include HR expertise and consulting, benefits insurance offerings, provision of labor law posters, and employee handbooks.

Payroll outsourcing options for Dubai foreign company branch

Full-service payroll outsourcing

A full service for payroll outsourcing can offer you the basics that you need for payroll processing in UAE. The firm can provide you with resources such as updates on employment and labor legislation and manage your company payroll for you. All that is required from your business is data required in calculating employee wages.

Full-service payroll companies like Farahat & Co are best for Dubai foreign company branches with more than fifty employees which require help in processing payroll and maintaining company payroll records. The main benefit of having a full-service firm providing payroll processing for your business is you are less likely in making mistakes that affect the paychecks of employees and the good standing of the business with the government regulators.

Payroll software

A payroll software isn’t outsourcing; instead, it is a tool that offers solutions for payroll processing. Although it can be effective, it is not the best option for Dubai foreign company branches as manual inputting has to be done by inhouse employees and there is equipment to be purchased and maintained.

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