Hack any Blogspot Blog -Blogger Vulnerability :Prank your Friends


Recently one of my friends sent me the message saying that my blog was hacked and he gave me this url  .
To my surprise it almost looked as if my blog is hacked and defaced but after checking the blog status and visiting back to the homepage I confirmed that the Blog is not hacked but its a vulnerability which is present in almost all the blogspot or blogger hosted blogs.Then I thought to prank my friends who have blogs on blogger and for a moment they underwent a shock thinking if their blog is actually hacked.This way you can also prank your blogger friends who have blogs hosted on Blogger platform.

Steps to Get Started with the Prank:

  • Go to this link(https://www.alltechbuzz.net/feeds/posts/).
  • The replace alltechbuzz.net with your friends friends blog or website link.
  • Now after posts/ you can type whatever you want and hit enter.
  • This will show up a  message saying that “Invalid content type: Text you type”.Below is the screenshot of the same.

  • You can type whatever you want after /posts.
  • To make it more convincing use the words like Hacked by Anonymous ,Hacked by Palestine Hackers , Defaced by Pakisthani Hackers etc.

Note:This tutorial is solely for educational purpose and I am not encouraging hacking stuff.I am not responsible for any illegal usage of the above content.This tutorial doesnt show how to hack blogger blog instead its just a prank.

Do let us know what you have done with your friends and the kind of reaction you got from them in your comments.

This post was last modified on June 27, 2019 1:08 am