October 27, 2018

How to Hack Instagram Account (By/Without) Coding in Hindi in PC

How to Hack Instagram Account (By/Without) Coding in Hindi in PC – Instagram is the most popular online photo and video sharing app today available on mobile and desktop. It is a cool way to share your photos and videos with friends and family either publicly or privately. It has become the go-to social network in no time and bringing out everyone’s interest in capturing beautiful moments and sharing them with family and beloved ones.

How to Hack Instagram Account (By/Without) Coding in Hindi in PC

NOVEMBER UPDATE BY ALLTECHBUZZ TEAM: World knows that unethical hacking is Illegal. Besides, everyone and their moms also know that ethical hacking will not let you hack into some other guy/ girl’s Instagram or Facebook or Twitter or Whatsapp account. So what is the exact solution? What can prevent you from going to Jail? It’s all your ethics. Because, if found going through the hacking procedure and caught with an IP Address, you will face an extreme penalty of money or going to Jail kind of punishments. Thus, the best possible solution is to avoid hacking any social media account. 

There are more than 800 million users using Instagram around the globe. The Facebook-owned Instagram also allows its users to share Instagram pictures on most of the social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Tumblr. Geo-tagging is one of the great features where the user can add hashtags to his/her posts. But, the Instagram account can be a public or private and you can set according to your purpose.


Nowadays, hacking became a normal thing for the experts and they hack anyone’s account within minutes sometimes in seconds. Have you ever thought about hacking an Instagram account? Personally, I once thought of it but felt underwhelmed because it sounded like something that would need a lot of knowledge on coding. But in reality, you don’t need any computer knowledge to hack someone’s Instagram account.

How to Hack Someone’s Instagram on Android or iPhone?

Here, we are going to show you how to hack Instagram. There are a few ways to do this and we picked the best ones. There are a lot of spy apps with which you can hack someone’s Instagram. One of the best apps is Spyzie. Apart from hacking an Instagram, this app also offers you a number of features such as gaining insight into their entire social media lives and track all the texts.

Step to Hack Someone’s Instagram using Spyzie:

1. First, create a Spyzie account here.


2. As soon as you register, you’ll receive a confirmation mail from Spyzie. Open the mail and click on the link given to get started.

Hack Instagram Account using Spyzie.

3. You can access the control panel for instructions on how to install Spyzie to the target phone.

Hack Instagram Account using Spyzie3.

4. After installing Spyzie to the target phone, you can access it using the control panel.

5. Now you can directly use the Instagram feature to view the photos and messages.

Hack Instagram Account using Spyzie4.

Note: The featured is not enabled by default. You should switch it on manually whenever you would like to view messages from Instagram. Instead, you can use the ‘key-logging’ feature to find out the password and then directly log into the Instagram account from your own device!

Steps to Hack Someone’s Instagram Account and Password:

There are many spy websites that show you how to hack someone’s Instagram usernames account and password. One of the best websites is InstaHack.

Hack someone’s Instagram using InstaHack:

1. Visit instahack.me/online and click on the ‘Start Hacking’ button.

Hack Instagram account using Instahack

2. Enter the username of the Instagram account that you want to hack and click on the Hack button.

Instahack enter username

3. The program will first verify the account name and then, the process of fetching the password begins.

Instahack Fetching

4. After fetching, the program will establish a connection with Instagram servers and extract the password of the account from the Instagram database. Then, the obtained data will be decrypted. Later, all the traces will be deleted so that it cannot be traced back to the hacker.

Instahack deleting traces

5. Finally, InstaHack will report that the account has been hacked. To get the password, click on Continue and you will be taken to another page and download link for the password.

Hacked Instagram account

Steps to Hack Someone’s Instagram Without Their Password:

This method is my favorite and I guess you would also like it. Instaleak is the site that helps you hack someone’s Instagram without using their username.

Hack someone’s Instagram using Instaleak:

1. Visit instaleak.net and click on ‘Start Hacking.’

InstaLeak - hack Instagram account

2. Enter the Instagram account username and click “I agree and continue.”

Instaleak - enter username

3. Wait for a while, then simply click on ‘Download’!

Instaleak - download hacked data

So, these are the 3 best ways to hack an Instagram account. Apart from hacking, these methods also give you access to a lot more features like geo-tracking, which isn’t possible with the other options. If you’re having any queries related to How to Hack Instagram Account (By/Without) Coding in Hindi in PC, please make sure to type it in the comment box below.

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