January 31, 2019

Wish you a Very Happy Friendship Day 2019, Best Video for Friendship Day by All Tech Media

Hi friends firstly I would like to wish you a very happy friendship day. This friendship is truly an amazing experience for me. Basically I am a very reserved kind of person and I generally don’t easily mingle with anyone. Also I am quite busy with the stuff I do. If I like something I get myself 100% involved in that. So, I don’t get much time to spend with friends and family. I enjoy whatever I am doing so, I don’t get bored of the stuff I do. But friends are always an integral part of my life. I do friendship with few like minded people and spend most of time with only these people. I have only very limited number of friends and they make my day pleasant and happy. They are always there for me even in my happiness and grief. Generally when you don’t have any kind of issue most of the people stick with you. But when you are stuck with some kind of problem in your life, very few people stand by you and they will remain as true, honest and trustworthy friends.

As per my opinion a true friend is a friend who gives you unconditional support. No matter whether you are right or wrong, the support, love, caring towards you must be unconditional and this is what I expect from a honest friendship. I am very thankful to my friends Arif Baba, Srujitha, Suresh, Anurag, Lasya, Abhishek, Srinivas Konduri, Rishi Bharadwaj, Divya, Neelima, Vishnu, Deepika for their unconditional love and support. They always stood by me no matter what happened. I wish all these people a very happy friendship day and everyone who is reading this article a very happy friendship day. My sincere advice while choosing a friend is don’t get attached to a person even if you don’t trust him by 1% #experience.

For all you people we have made an awesome friendship day video. Share this with your friends and have a great time with the right people. The below is the video created by Yashwanth and Rahul from Alltechmedia

YouTube video

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