November 11, 2022

Have the content of a website written | What there is to know

Your company is freshly launched, and you want to make it known? Faced with competition, it is essential to create an efficient website. Its content must be effective and impactful to attract new customers. Running out of time to write original, well-spelled articles? Becoming an entrepreneur on the internet mobilizes a lot of energy to develop your business. The solution for you: delegate the writing of your web content. Finding an SEO copywriter is, therefore, your priority. How to write content for a website, and who can you trust? It’s up to you to find out in our complete guide.

Why write content for a website? Three reasons that should convince you

1. Save time and money

Do you think that outsourcing the writing of your site risks putting a strain on your cash flow? This is perfectly understandable! According to the 2020 study conducted by Orbit Media Studios (a digital company specializing in web design and development), bloggers spend an average of 3 hours and 55 minutes writing a blog post. If you want to prepare eight articles per month, that represents 28 hours of work. As you will have understood, having the content of a website written is therefore an effective strategy to save time and money.

If you want to excel in your business of services or selling products, do not spread yourself too thin. Save your energy to invest in your field of activity. What you do in several hours, an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) web editor will do in three times less time. Especially since the creation of social media verification agency content cannot be improvised; it is a profession.

Hire a web expert to write your blog posts, homepage, or “about” page for you. In addition to removing a huge weight from your shoulders, you will considerably improve your visibility on the Net and will be able to concentrate on your creations. Your turnover will be in good shape, as will your morale!

2. Improve your visibility with SEO

Blogging and SEO are real allies in attracting loyal prospects. Writing articles without spelling mistakes, perfectly optimized and attractive, requires being trained in natural referencing techniques. If keyword strategy and HTML markup mean nothing to you, it is very likely that your texts are poorly indexed by search engines.

Let a web editor handle the art of SEO for you. You will have unique texts always available. Don’t forget that setting up your online business means updating your website regularly. It is necessary to constantly enrich it to ensure that it is present in the first results of the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) of Google. Attracting future customers by creating quality digital content is called inbound marketing! Explore this formidable marketing method by discovering Lucie Rondelet’s YouTube video.

3. Stand out from the competition

Entrusting your website to a stranger can be scary. It’s normal. You may not know it, but the strength of the freelance SEO web editor lies in his ability to empathize and listen to you. He analyzes your expectations to better embody the spirit of your company. He knows how to convey your voice as accurately as possible in quality and well-optimized editorial content. It will highlight your story and values ​​in the homepage, about page, and blog posts that will enrich your site.

These tailor-made texts will highlight your convictions and the originality of your company. Making your difference an asset: this is where the strength of a web writing expert lies. It goes without saying that your site will undeniably increase its chances of reaching its target customers.

How to delegate the writing of web content? 3 essential steps

1. Find a copywriter online

Is your goal to collaborate with real trained, and experienced professionals? Hiring a freelancer is a good alternative. You are only engaged for the duration of the contract. Several effective ways are available to you to find the writer of your dreams.

Word of mouth

Do not hesitate to turn to your personal or professional entourage. You will certainly find trusted SEO web writers on the recommendation.

Writing platforms

Many platforms host thousands of writers and writers. Their level of writing and SEO expertise is very variable. Beware of those offering unbeatable prices. You risk being disappointed with the quality of the texts and will waste your time reworking them. Turn to serious platforms like La Redact du Web which brings together professionals trained for six months.

Social networks

The LinkedIn platform is a gold mine for anyone wishing to recruit or expand their professional network. You will quickly form an opinion thanks to the profiles and courses presented. Do not hesitate to explore Facebook or Instagram to expand your research and discover equally interesting accounts.

2. Recruit a specialized SEO web editor

There is a wide variety of SEO web editors on the Web. They differ in their style, background, and specialties. Do you want to find the rare pearl? Turn to the person who looks like you and who has values ​​similar to yours. Some writers specialize in one area (culture, real estate, legal, science, etc.).

Find the one who will know your sector of activity and will be familiar with the lexical field used. He will quickly understand your needs and those of your customers. He will be better able to convey your speech effectively. Discover our articles dedicated to specialized writers: the scientific web editor and the cultural web editor.

3. Prepare your briefing before hiring a web editor

To find a shoe that fits, it is essential to know what you want and what you don’t want. Before contacting a freelance web editor, set a specific framework and objectives to achieve. Define an editorial line itself as part of a global marketing strategy. You should provide your writer with a detailed briefing with clear instructions. Be sure to mention the following points:

  • the key query;
  • the desired number of words;
  • the expected text structure;
  • the tone to use;
  • the deadline (deadline);
  • your editorial line;
  • the tariff.

Be specific when writing your specifications so that you get what you want. You can ask him to directly integrate the articles on your CMS (WordPress, for example). Don’t forget to educate yourself on the basics of SEO. You will have the necessary keys to understanding the proposals of freelance web writers. To learn more, check out our handy little beginner’s guide to understanding everything about SEO. Contacting your future partner will be made easier.

Deploying your business requires energy to excel in your field and stand out from the competition. Having the content of a website written is very useful if you want to save time and traffic on the Web. Betting on an experienced SEO web editor is the ideal solution to obtain quality content with complete peace of mind. Speed ​​of execution and quality of service guaranteed!

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