January 29, 2020

Heart Emoji – All You Need To Know

Communication specialists often cite the fact that written messages can easily be misunderstood. This statement has remained true for quite some time due to the lack of any medium which could convey human emotions, intentions, and tone of voice. Thus, messages in written communication could be blown way out of proportion if misunderstood.

With the invention and use of emojis in written communication throughout digital media, this problem has been minimized. Emojis have not only rendered this notion untrue but have also changed the face of written text messages of this age. They have become a powerful and essential style of expressing our emotions whilst we chat online with our friends and family members. With their inception, emojis have facilitated written communication by conveying our messages in the tones intended.

Different Types of Heart Emoji and When to Use Them

Emojis are divided into a lot of categories. These include food, flags, smileys, heart signs, flowers, and many others. In this section, we take a look at some of the many emojis available to us on our devices and shed some light on their usage.

Heart Emoji

One of the most-used emojis of all time is a heart emoji. A classic representative of true love, heart emoji comes in many colors but the one we are discussing here is the traditional red-colored heart. Heart emoji, in its simplest interpretation, symbolizes love.

There are various types of red hearts provided in chatting options. These include sparkling red heart, heart with an arrow, heart with ribbon, beating hearts, revolving hearts and a broken heart. All of these are red in color and must be used in accordance with their relative need.

When to Use A Heart Emoji?

A heart emoji must be used when expressing love for someone or something. It can also be used to thank someone and express gratitude in a loving way. Alternatively, this emoji can be used when one feels overwhelmed by loving emotions or speechless looking at the other person’s life, their story, etc.

You can also use heart emoji when expressing hope and giving a warm gesture. In other places, it can be used to come across as cheesy and flirtatious. Last but not the least, it can be used in place of the word ‘love’ itself. Whether typing it for a friend or your love interest, you can write I and you and then insert the heart emoji between the two words to create a phrase. This phrase will appear as ‘I {heart (insert the heart emoji)} you’ and read as ‘I love you’.

To sum it up, a heart emoji can be used to express uplifting and joyful emotions people experience when expressing their love or updating a relationship status.

Heart Eyes Emoji

Heart Eyes emoji is representative of intense and passionate emotions. The smiley with two big hearts in place of eyes expresses someone’s excitement and happiness in a loving way. Launched in 2015, Heart Eyes emoji has been defined as ‘the face of a person in love’. According to web and chat experts, this emoji is best used to depict a love-filled with enthusiasm and admiration.

Heart Eye emoji has two versions: the regular smiley and the animal one. The regular yellow smiley shows teeth and has eyes wide opened in the form of hearts. The cat-faced heart eye emoji has exactly the same expression. Other names of this emoji include ‘Happy face in love’ and ‘Lovestruck’.

When to Use Heart Eyes Emoji?

Heart eyes emoji can be used in a number of ways while messaging online. It can be used when you wish to express your adoration for your or someone else’s pets. It can also be used to express excitement and love when you spot your crush or your obsession when you see a celebrity you like.

Additionally, you use it to indicate that you are wildly in love with someone or something. As opposed to black heart emoji, heart eyes emoji radiates extremely positive and loud feelings. Other places to use this emoji include when you want to express your love for your best friends, when you think someone is hot or when you wish to send hugs and kisses in one emoji. A Heart Eyes emoji can also be used to express flirtatious feelings and is used extensively on casual dating platforms.

Black Heart Emoji

Black heart emoji is also called the dark heart emoji. They were first introduced in 2016 to both Apple and Android devices. Black heart emojis is one of the most interesting emojis of all. It can be used for expressing opposite sets of feelings. On one hand, this emoji is used to express sorrow, sadness, and feeling bad for someone at their loss. On the other, it is used to express one’s dark side.

Black heart emojis are popularly known for their second use. Young people have been using this emoji to express their bad side. This includes their inclination towards dark humor or sexual deviance. In addition to this, black heart emoji is also used for indicating that the sender might be hiding a secret. Moreover, this emoji is also used to express a love that is impure, probably indicating a toxic love-hate dark relationship.

When to Use a Black Heart Emoji?

This emoji needs to be used with caution. Since most of the time a black heart emoji is used by youth to express their deviance, you may use this emoji when you feel the need to express your dark thoughts and feelings, be it your dark sense of humor or cold-hearted stance in an otherwise sentimental situation. Black heart emoji has been put there to assist you in clearly expressing your deviant side.

Other than these situations, a black heart may be used in the context of expressing sadness and sorrow over someone’s loss. The loss could be of any nature; a loved one’s death, loss of a friendship or having a rainy day to be specific. So next time when you receive a piece of bad news or get a text message saying ‘so and so passed away’, you can simply reply with an added black heart to convey your sorrow next to your text message. Whichever the case you are using black heart emojis in, remember, it is never used in a positive sense.

Purple Heart Emoji

The Purple heart emoji was first launched in 2015. While hearts are generally used to depict love, there is no denying the fact there are different kinds of love. These range from passionate romantic love to a steady, peaceful and grounded love.

The purpose of Purple Heart is to express a love that is kind, compassionate and sensitive to the needs of others. This kind of love holds someone in high regard as compared to romantic love. This kind of love has a lot of reverence, honor, and respect in it. Purple Heart emoji was derived from the purple hearts awarded to United States veterans who suffered injuries while fighting for their nation. This explanation further clarifies the purpose of purple heart emojis.

When to Use a Purple Heart Emoji?

You must use a Purple Heart emoji when you feel that one of your contacts need to be honored. This does not necessarily mean that they have to be some kind of veteran or military person to receive these hearts. You can simply send it to one of your friends battling cancer, mental health, a working mommy or a friend juggling 2 jobs to support their family. It can be anyone who is sharing their life struggles with you. You can use this emoji to let them know you empathize with them, understand, acknowledge and appreciate them where they are in their journey.

Crazy Heart Emoji

Heart Eyes Emoji

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