January 20, 2020

Here’s how public records search engines revolutionize background checks

So, what are the options that you have when you are looking for authentic information about someone? Well, you can go along and post flyers everywhere about it. Or, you can simply go and ask questions at the person’s place of employment, government offices, businesses, stores, or maybe even o the police station. The only problem here is that all these methods are doable only in theory, but they are not really practical ideas. You don’t have the time, energy, or budget to try any of these methods. And, why should you even do it when you can search people by name?

The search engines have made life so much easier for everyone. Just a simple click and you get all kinds of content. But, when it comes to searching for the details of an individual, search engines are not the way to go. For that, you will have to rely on something like a good public records search engine.

Does anyone really need a public records search engine?

Yes, they do. Consider the number of people that you cross paths with every day. Maybe someone has been appointed by you to pick up your child from school and drive him to the dental appointment. This is just one scenario. Similarly, you have pet sitters, babysitters, old-age assistance, landscaping professionals, butlers, maids, tenants, pool cleaners, and so on. Do you think it is safe to appoint any of these people without running a background check?

There is no point in suffering from paranoia by not even trying to know anything about these people. After all, you will be entrusting the security and safety of your family to them. The public records search engines like Radaris can reveal loads of important information about a person, such as:

  • The registry records of sex offenders
  • The list of aliases associated with the individual
  • Complete address history, along with eviction notices that they have got
  • Arrest details, civil judgments, county records, bankruptcies, and tax liens
  • The case numbers of any criminal records associated with the individual

Given the sea of information that the public records search engines can come up with up, there is no doubt that background checks are significant. You will not get to know about these details when you run the search on a traditional search engine. The public records search engines offer comprehensive data that they pull from multiple reliable sources. The report that they, thus, offer is easy to understand and read.

Is it legal to carry out a public records search?

President Lyndon B. Johnson codified the FOI (Freedom of Information) Act in the year 1966. The law gives Americans the right to access all the information that the federal authorities have about them, which includes the defense departments, state governments, the FBI, and the IRS.

It is important to mention in this regard that matters which come under police investigations, national security, records of government personnel, trade secrets, medical records, bank records, and geophysical data are excluded from the FOIA. The Electronic Freedom of Information Act Amendments was signed by President Bill Clinton in the year 1996. Under this act, the agencies are bound to display as much public information as they can on the internet.

What are the features of a good public records search engine?

A good public records search engine is the one that helps you in getting all the relevant information as cost-effectively and quickly, as you can. The points mentioned above and even more than that should be covered in the search results that the site shows.

There are other factors to be considered as well, which include whether the search is free or comes at a price, the accuracy of the search results, and the speed at which you can conduct the search. It also helps in a high-quality customer service, and support is available on the website.

What can you do with the information you find through public records search engines?

You should not misuse the information that you find. Consider the options that you have if you find something that shows a person in a negative light. So, for instance, you are trying to rent out your house to someone, and you find out that the person is a defaulter who has been evicted before. It would be wise to think twice before you rent out your place to such a person.

Similarly, you are into online dating, and you find out that the person has been operating under an alias. You should use the public records search engines in these cases to get a clear idea about the person.

Wrapping up

When you are trying to run a background check on someone, make sure you rely on a well-reputed public records search engine. The top-notch companies in this arena have shown cost-effective, accurate, in-depth, and timely results that have won the trust of countless customers. Anything less than perfect is just a waste of your time.

So, make sure that the five most important elements are covered by the search engine, namely, credibility, reliability, honesty, security, and safety. The details that don’t show up in your everyday Google searches must not be missed by a public records search engine. After all, that is what makes them so unique and exceptional to you!

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