January 30, 2021

Here’s how you get started on TikTok

Previously known as musical.ly, sometimes considered as the modern day Karaoke, often criticized yet extremely popular among millennials and Gen Z – TikTok continues to attract people from all over the globe. One of the biggest social media platforms which are quite literally flooded with user-generated content is most famous for its highly addictive short videos of various sorts. Are you into lip-synching to your favorite tunes? How about dancing? Maybe you simply want to talk or mouth a viral piece of conversation? Thought about showing off your closet? Your house? Pets? Perhaps, acting out different scenarios is right up your alley, or you really want to follow numerous fan trends that have emerged from this online space. If you find yourself vigorously nodding while reading this, you might want to know how to get started on TikTok, since the latter is the perfect place to do all of the above-mentioned things, connect with people from all parts of the world, have fun and discover even more enjoyment.

First the basics 

Before we get a bit more specific, let’s get the boredom out of the way. You can download TikTok on your device from both Google Play and the App Store. Once you have done so, you have three sign-up options, either with your Gmail, Twitter account or Facebook. Try to take this into consideration once you get assigned a username. It happens by default, but you should change it to something more discoverable, unique, and memorable. For the best results, especially if you are a business owner or have decided to get started with TikTok for general marketing purposes, try to use the same username as you do on other platforms. This way, your brand will be easier to find and you will avoid unnecessary confusion or the loss of customers. However, if none of these concern you and you simply want to have fun, it is still preferred to have a similar username. You will get more followers and increased engagement. Well, unless you do not care about the last detail as well. In which case, you can have your randomly combined numbers and letters as a username.

Make it presentable 

Once you get past the entire tirade we have dedicated to the choice of a proper username, you will have to finish setting up your profile by making it presentable. Pay attention to the TikTok bio. It is one of the most important sections of your profile where your potential followers will look the most. As for the profile picture, if you are a brand owner, it will most probably have to be your logo, slogan or whatever it is you think will help better promote your service. In the case of a regular user, it can be anything from a simple selfie to an eye-catching self-made artwork, the same profile picture you use on your other social media accounts, etc. Judging from the fact that TikTok is a highly visual outlet, you don’t want to have a boring profile that discloses nothing. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that, but if you’re looking forward to obtaining a big following on the app, you will definitely need to work on this aspect. In case you don’t exactly feel comfortable showcasing yourself this way, worry not. There exist numerous other options, like jaynike for example, that can help you receive more engagement and followers. Eventually, however, it is preferred to have as authentic of a profile as possible. It all depends on what your goals and ambitions are, and what you decide to use TikTok for in the first place.

Selection & preferences

As we have mentioned already, there is an endless variety of topics and content ideas on TikTok. It is extremely easy to get lost in the sea of confusion, so you will need to be selective. Even though the ‘’Choose your interests’’ page features the ‘’Skip’’ option, we sincerely advise you not to do that. Especially if you are signing up for the fulfillment of your promotional needs. Specificity is important, it is profitable and helpful, so pick the themes of your interest carefully and spare yourself from the unwanted content constantly flooding your feed.

Stay tuned 

Before creating your very first TikToks, you might want to do little research on what’s currently trending in the area you’re interested in. This is a total must-do for the newbies. Although, don’t feel scared to get judged or criticized. Let people know that your previous experience with the platform amounts to zero, most of them will understand. And there’s nothing we can do about the obnoxious strangers that can, unfortunately, be found on every social media nowadays. Don’t let the few negative nancy’s ruin your experience and have fun doing what you enjoy.

About the author 

Peter Hatch

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