July 13, 2020

Here’s Why Now Is The Absolute Best Time To Sell Your iPhone 8

Rumors about the upcoming models of iPhones have already started floating in the online space. With some claiming that the new models of Apple’s flagship offering will come without a charging point, it is clear that the new phones will be revealed sometime in the next two months.

If you already have an iPhone, you must be feeling the itch to go for an upgrade. This is especially true for those using iPhone 8 and older models because let’s face it, your device is not performing as smoothly as it did when you first made the purchase.

Regardless, the iPhone 8 is a great piece of technology and still has considerable value in the market, even when sold in used condition.

If you are thinking about an upgrade in the coming months, this might be the best time to sell iPhone 8.

Here are a few reasons supporting this argument:

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The Cost Of Used Apple Devices Has Historically Dropped Every Time A New Model Is Announced

The sale and purchase of used phones have emerged as a powerful market on its own. As a result, buyers and sellers of used smartphones have a number of options where they can make deals for used phones.

These platforms all have their own unique pros and cons. For instance, Gizmogo is a platform that lets users sell their phones without having to interact with any buyers. They take care of the investment on the shipping of the device and offer instant payments that users can accept in the form of a cheque, or a Paypal transfer, or even a bank account transfer.

On the other hand, peer to peer marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace and Swappa allows users to connect with potential buyers to strike a mutually satisfactory deal.

Finally, there are trade-in programs offered by Apple, Amazon, and Best Buy that pay users in gift cards in exchange for their used phones.

However, across these platforms, there is one common pattern that one can notice. This is, whenever a new phone is launched, the cost of used older models drops significantly. This drop is especially large in the case of iPhones. In some cases, the average cost of an older iPhone may drop by as much as $100 across platforms.

For this reason, it is wise to sell your used iPhone 8 before Apple announces a new model, even if it means that you will have to depend on a backup phone until the new iPhone is launched.

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Apple Drops The Cost Of Older Models Sold By Them Right After Announcing New Models

A major reason behind the sudden drop in the prices of used iPhone across platforms is that the tech giant also drops the prices of their older models on their website.

This means, when the new iPhone is launched in the coming months, you can expect the price of almost all the older models to drop by at least a few percentage points.

This in turn means that many people are able to afford brand new phones that were previously out of their budget.

In the case of the iPhone 8, this is especially true because the model is quite old and there is a good chance that the cost of a new iPhone 8 will come very close to the price you want for your used phone.

Hence, it is a great idea to sell your phone off while you can still get the maximum possible price for it.

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