October 18, 2017

How to Hide Screenshot Preview in iOS 11 iPhones and iPads

If you own an iPhone or iPad with iOS11, then you might have noticed that after taking a screenshot on your device a small thumbnail of the screenshot appears on the bottom left corner of your iPhone or iPad. Tapping the screenshot thumbnail opens the screenshot markup where you can edit it by drawing on it or sharing it quickly with your contacts in any of your device apps. If you are not intending to mark the screenshot then it would be annoying to see the screenshot thumbnail on the screen.


iOS 11 update doesn’t provide any toggle button in the settings to disable the screenshot preview currently. But if you don’t want to see the thumbnail on the screen then there is only one-way to hide it. The single step procedure to hide the screenshot preview is

  1.  First, take a screenshot on your iOS 11 device i.e, by pressing the home button and power button simultaneously. A preview of the screenshot appears on the bottom left corner of your device screen.
  2. Now swipe the screenshot preview to the left of the screen to instantly remove the thumbnail from the screen.

It even works with a bunch of screenshots. Taking multiple screenshots shows a thumbnail with a stack of screenshots. Swiping the thumbnail removes even multiple images.


You have to swipe the thumbnail to the left to remove the screenshot and tap the screenshot preview to mark it.

We hope Apple updates the iOS 11 so that there’s a toggle option to enable and disable the feature.

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