September 18, 2016

A Husband Asked This Question On Quora And One Of The Replies He Got Is Freaking Hilarious

A husband posted a question on Quora as following;

I want my wife to get access to my passwords of Google, Facebook etc. after I die, but not when I am alive. How can I do that?


The question itself is a bit stupid, and a lot of writers on Quora decided to pull the leg of the person who asked this question. There were a lot of hilarious answers, along with some useful answers, but this answer has caught everyones attention, as this writer answered it in a very hilarious way for one of the most stupid and dumb questions;

The answer goes like;

1. Set up a brand new e-mail account. kickedthebucket@tooyoungtogo(.)com or something.
2. Give your wife a piece of paper with this info:

  1. Your Gmail address
  2. Your Facebook login e-mail
  3. The name of the bank where you have your accounts
  4. etc.

To clarify, it will be a list of the accounts you want her to be able to access after you’re kaput. Just the list of accounts, nothing else.
3. Send an e-mail from your usual address tokickedthebucket@tooyoungtogo(.)com, with the following content:

  1. 349yt9dfj
  2. 4pu3t9p4
  3. 239849-38523-540
  4. djfp

These are, of course, the passwords and account numbers that you want her to have once you’re sleeping with the fishes.

4. Tell your wife that you did these things, and while you’re at it, send her an e-mail from kickedthebucket@tooyoungtogo(.)com, so she’ll have the address handy in some special folder in her inbox, “deadhubby” or something.

5. Put the password for kickedthebucket@tooyoungtogo(.)com in your will. Don’t include the e-mail address as well, just put something like “The password is: isleptwithyoursister”.
And voilà! She’ll only have the password once you’re worm food, and the info is also secure, since it’s split in two places that cannot be easily connected, so if the e-mail address happens to be hacked, the perpetrator won’t be able to use it to steal all the billions you’re going to leave her.

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We guess even the person who posted this question didn’t expect it coming. Kudos, to Diana Cretu for the mind freaking answer.

Source : Quora

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