November 6, 2020

Home Entertainment Trends During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Covid-19 has forced everyone to stay in their homes for longer than they could have imagined. Being human beings, people continuously need exposure to entertainment to keep them occupied. Our minds wander from thought to thought does not rest even for a single second. To give this restless, unsatisfied, and never free mind a purpose, a place to focus; digital media companies provide an amazingly broad range of choices.

Digital business is expanding like never before due to the pandemic. People tend to seek digital media rather than the more traditional ways of curing boredom. According to the statistics, TV consumption has increased by more than 60% and is still growing by the day.

People used to have parties and spent time visiting friends or relatives. Children used to play with schoolmates and had sleepovers. This all changed when the pandemic started and eliminated all social-oriented activities forcing the public to remain in their homes and away from others. This has changed people’s whole perspective of spending leisure time, eliminating most of what they were used to doing before Covid. They are gaming, calling friends, cooking, watching the television, reading, and many more solitary activities.

Even if people are exposed to a variety of things, they still go in search of new activities. Moreover, it is found that 38% of the people have tried a new digital subscription during Covid-19.

Entertainment Has Changed Due To Covid-19

New entertainments are coming-up day by day, and people are more excited than ever to try something new. Let’s accept the fact that we love trying new things, don’t we? There’s no harm in that!

Cable Television:

Without a doubt, was one of the is the preferred mediums used by millennials. Even if we used to spend most of our time watching television in our childhood, this method of entertainment seemed to die as new things came into fashion. Many people thought that cable television would soon be forgotten entirely and would be taken over by other entertainment methods. The pandemic has proved these people wrong.

Many families who own a television have a basic cable TV plan from companies like Charter Communications, Comcast Xfinity, Mediacom or others, for their homes. Due to the lockdown imposed by Covid-19, people had to try new things to fill their time. People who usually did not subscribe to movie packages have opted for many more than they typically did. They also bought add-ons to their basic cable programming packages to enjoy additional facilities.

Let’s not forget the most important thing that had us on the edges of our seats. You guessed that right—the news broadcast. The moment Covid-19 arrived in this world, new and horrific things began taking place every day and television is the best method to get the quickest news updates. There are many other ways to check-in with the news, but television is the most popular of them all, and we tend to rely on this to keep us informed.

The World Wide Web:

High-speed internet is very important now. People in the United States need 4G or 5G packages from companies such as Comcast XFINITY, AT&T, Mediacom, and Charter Spectrum to access the web at high speed at a reasonable price. The internet has taken the throne by making many forms of communication possible. Now there are very few people left who are not accessing the internet for some purpose. It is being used for many new applications from work to school on top of more entertainment use.

After all of this statistical research, people are questioning whether this impact is long-term. Will our old and friendly entertainment ways come back to life? Or will this new and improved technology take over permanently? No one can say for sure what will happen. Hopefully, whatever happens, it turns out well for all of us.

Streaming Services

Before the pandemic, people used to go out and watch thrill-inducing, exciting, and interesting movies in cinemas. Cinemas used to make lots of money and were booming. People liked having a night out, often with friends. That was yesterday’s news, now streaming services have taken the lead role. They are the epitome of entertainment, the king of refreshment, the most used applications for leisure.

The showstopper of the pandemic era is Netflix, announcing that its customers have increased like never before. The majority of people now buy their subscriptions. Netflix has become so popular that people find it a necessity to have an account, rather than a luxury. People can also share it with their friends and family to enjoy.

“A Whole New World” and indeed it is! Disney has been our favorite since childhood and if adults can’t get over it, imagine the intensity of love by children nowadays. Disney+ has accumulated over 22 million new subscribers during the pandemic. This is proof that this is a winning situation for streaming services.

Twitch has gained over more than 10% over their usual customers during the pandemic. This streaming service offers live-streaming and gaming videos. This platform is mainly run through ads, and they are going well.

Video Games:

If you are a pro-gamer, you must already be familiar with many games that are either installed or played online. The majority of the population has never played games before. Now they have turned to games as a method of entertainment by installing them on their mobile phones.

A surprisingly sharp rise in gaming sales was seen, up to $739 million, over March 2019. This is fascinating as this is a considerable boost to gaming companies. Even the hardware used for gaming, like consoles and playboys, has enjoyed a gigantic increase in sales. Nintendo Switch has been leading the pack during a 63% increase in sales.

Several of the most famous games are Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, known as PUBG, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. They have climbed the ladder of fandom and have millions of players worldwide.

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