August 1, 2018

Hostinger Review & Web Hosting Pros & Cons

An important step in creating your website is to choose the right web hosting service and plan. The entire functioning of your web resources depends on it. All the hard work that you put into the design of the site would be wasted if you don’t choose the right web hosting solution to host your website. Now we are going to give you a complete Hostinger review to check out how good is it & Hostinger pros & cons.

All hosting providers are divided into two major groups: free web hosting providers and shared web hosting providers.

Firstly, many of these free web hosting providers are not entirely free, i.e. in exchange for “free” services they may place their advertisements on your website.

If your website is a home page containing your personal information or a small web resource where you share information on a certain topic, free web hosting will most probably be enough for you. In case your website is an information portal, service or site of your company, you should definitely use the services of shared web hosting service providers.


A few things to keep in mind while you choose the best web hosting service:

    1. Identify your requirements

Make a list of your website requirements before you look for a web hosting service. The requirements of your website determine what web hosting service is right for you. If you have sought the services of a web designing company or a freelancer, ask them for the list of requirements.

  1. Site builder option

If you plan to design the website yourself but have no clue about web designing or coding, you should select a web hosting provider with site builder tools. Site builder tools simplify the process of creating a website with simple and easy to use drag and drop modules.

  1. Control panel

Check if the web hosting provider gives you access to a control panel. Select a plan that gives you access to a control panel. With a control panel, managing your website resources would become as easy as clicking a button.

  1. Upload options

Having various upload options increases the flexibility in managing and maintaining your website. So you should avoid web hosting providers that don’t have multiple upload options.

  1. Security features

If your website is an e-commerce store with payment gateways, ensuring the security of sensitive user data would be a top priority for you. Security features like HTTPS port, SSL certification etc., are what you need. Make sure your web hosting provider has all the necessary security features which your website needs.

  1. Customer service

Select a web hosting service with a good customer support. Customer service need not be limited to phone and email support. It also includes FAQs and forums.

  1. Scripts and databases

Websites require various types of web components, scripts, and databases to work. Select a web hosting company that will give you all scripts, web components and database support that is required by your website.

  1. Windows or Linux server

Websites can be made in various programming languages like PHP, Python, .NET ASP, etc. The most popular of them is PHP. For online WordPress or any other CMS blogs, Linux hosting (LAMP servers) is ideal. However, if your website is made in .net or any other windows based programming tools, you need windows web hosting server. Keep in mind that windows servers respond relatively slow when running PHP scripts.


Hostinger is a Lithuanian web hosting provider which was established in 2004 with the goal to provide high-quality and low-cost web hosting space. It is one of the best web hosting companies in the world. This quickly expanding global brand has dedicated support departments, server collocations, and RnD headquarters located in almost every modern country across the globe. We are here providing Hostinger Review to check & compare Hostinger.

Hostinger is a part of ICANN accredited registrars community with blazing fast SSD web servers, zero downtime architecture, and highly optimized PHP, MySQL, and custom web hosting Cpanel.


Hostinger saves you a lot by offering exceptionally economical web hosting plans with high quality, premium hosting features, and a fanatically dedicated live chat support.

  1. Hostinger Review – Shared web hosting

Hostinger provides shared web hosting plans which are affordable.

  1. Hostinger Review – VPS hosting

Stop sharing your web server resources and go with Linux virtual private servers (VPS). Take full control of your hands with the most powerful Cloud VPS hosting. Supercharge your websites with dedicated server space, full SSH root, cloud infrastructure, and almost limitless resource scalability at the low prices. Simple & cheap VPS hosting for the shared web hosting price!

  1. Hostinger Domain registration Review

Hostinger offers cheapest domain registration with an instant activation & dedicated live support.

  • Hostinger Cheap Domains & Renewals

Providing low-cost domains is their mission! Only at Hostinger, you will get the cheapest domain names with premium quality service. Thanks to their special agreement with TLD owners, they can provide exclusively low prices on the most popular domain names. 99 cent domain names are their privileged feature, the cheap domain renewal price is their biggest strength and special domain checker is their tool for your success!

  • Trusted Top Domain Registrar

Premium hosting quality and the best domain prices – only at Hostinger. They’re trusted by millions, recognized by reputable companies and TLD providers. Always choose a trusted domain and web hosting provider with friendly, helpful, and dedicated in-house live support.

  1. Hostinger SSL certificates

Hostinger shared hosting is designed to suit intermediate web hosting users who don’t feel like investing all of the budgets into hosting solutions. The unique cloud infrastructure of Hostinger allows them to offer these services at very low prices without sacrificing any performance.

Hostinger Review – PROS & CONS

Let us take a look at all the things I like about them.

  1. Fast Servers & Speed

It’s imperative that your website should load quickly. If your website page response is slow, users will leave your website from frustration. It is unlikely that such users would ever return.

Hostinger has servers in the USA, Asia, and Europe (UK). Their servers use a 1000 Mbps connection, and having a fast connection like that would improve your page speed.

  1. Easy To Use

I loved the easy-to-use control panel with Microsoft-like option tiles. Each menu item has a representative picture on the tiles which provides a clear insight into what the option does. These large tiles are easy to find and easily readable.

  1. Good Security And Privacy

Most beginners think that an SSL certificate is all you need for security. But that’s not the case though, you need lots more security measures than that to protect your site which is something Hostinger understands and offers to their customers.

  1. Free Website Builders And Free Domain Name

Hostinger is moving in with the big names in the website building market because this web hosting service helps you build your website from the ground up.

What Hostinger offers are the tools to create a unique website. They stay away from cookie-cutter themes that make every site look like clones of each other. These stunning templates are fully customizable and available in all hosting plans.
When your website is ready for launching, you can pick a free domain name (for Premium or Business plan users only).

  1. Superb Knowledgebase

Hostinger provides their complete knowledge base to everyone including:

  • General information
  • Guides
  • Tutorials
  • Video walkthroughs

Hostinger Knowledge base tutorials

These tools are helpful to everyone, even those who lack experience in web development. With Hostinger’s Knowledgebase, you can quickly solve your problems yourself even without the help of their customer service.

Unlike most WordPress websites, you won’t have to toggle between your Hostinger webpage and the YouTube video to find something. Their learning-based business platform also encourages users to learn by talking with the customer support staff. All customer service support staff approach their chat conversations with the mentality of a teacher.

This goal of education encourages users to report errors immediately after they notice that something isn’t quite right.

  1. Hostinger Review – Affordable Prices

In fact, Hostinger is an economical web hosting provider that offers one free domain. Yes, you have to pay for more than one domain, but the prices are still affordable.

  1. Hostinger Review – Excellent Email Marketing and Hosting Tools

The benefits of email tools are often neglected. If you sign up for Hostinger’s top two tier plans, you can have access to unlimited email accounts for your domain. But, with Hostinger the site owner has access to custom domain webmail. Your users or staff can access their email whenever and wherever they want.

The email tools include:

  • Email forwarding
  • Autoresponders
  • SpamAssassin Protection

Such features let you send documents, videos, pictures, or sound bytes to your customers with ease while avoiding personal email addresses for business purposes.

Using Hostinger’s top-quality email tools, your communication with your staff, team, and customers becomes simplistic and efficient. Hostinger knows what website owners need and so they deliver with outstanding results.

  1. Hostinger Review – Strong Uptime Record

Hostinger does what every web hosting platform should do: keep your site always online!

Although web hosts often have some downtime during maintenance and updates. However, Hostinger doesn’t let your website be down for more than a few hours.

Let us take a look at the cons in our Hostinger Review

  1. Slow but Knowledgeable Customer Service

    Their Customer Support is off the charts with knowledgeable service staff. However, there is a reasonable wait period before you can get talk to the support staff. I would say this is the only con of Hostinger Customer support.

Hostinger Review – PRICING

Hostinger offers two types of hosting services: Shared web hosting and VPS. However, there are three different plans available to use with varying price points.

Single Web Hosting

The single web hosting plan is for those who need only one website without too much concern about speed. You can host one website, email address, FTP user account, and MySQL database.

It is suitable for beginners who have small budgets. While the specifications are the same, but you get access to a website builder, a powerful control panel, and full, 24/7 support.

Hostinger Review – Premium Web Hosting

The Premium plan shapes up like truly shared hosting. The restrictions are lifted, giving you unlimited websites, MySQL databases, email accounts, and FTP users. This plan offers one free domain name for one year.

Business plans don’t vary in features but heavily vary in price.
For almost twice the price, you get everything from the Premium plan, but with faster server response speeds. The premium plan is ideal for all kinds of web developers.

VPS plans are priced very well, coming in far cheaper than HostGator’s VPS plans. You get the same specification as the previous plans but with lesser disk space.

Hostinger Review – Business Web Hosting

Hostinger recently launched a new Business Web Hosting plan which is definitely what I recommend most.

It combines the best features of shared hosting and VPS with the power of a dedicated server and an easy-to-use cPanel.

So basically it is running on VPS without having to take care of all the backend stuff.

Hostinger’s Business Hosting Plans gives you the power of a dedicated server without the need for any technical skills. As it is fully managed by 24/7 dedicated support who will help you every step of the way.


All of them! That’s right, every feature that Hostinger has to offer is available to you. The top two plans are well worth the investment if you’re launching a business or looking to create a site that will attract a lot of traffic.

You’ll have access to an unlimited amount of email accounts at no cost to you. You will also have these great features:

  • Email autoresponders
  • Enable and disable accounts
  • Provide forwarded emails to customers
  • Email spam filtering

There are many more great features, but the features listed here are the features that benefit all users. If you want complete control and infinite resources, the Premium or Business plans are your best bet.

You can also be sure to find these features in every plan, including the entry-level $2.15 per month plan

  • SSL support
  • SSD servers
  • Anti-DDoS protection
  • Anti-malware protection
  • Email accounts
  • Free website builder and a Free domain name
  • FTP accounts
  • Website transfer
  • Over 200 website templates
  • Auto script installer
  • Choice of server location

These features make Hostinger stand out from other web hosting services as they include more features at lower prices.


Hostinger offers two communication channels with its clients and visitors:

  • Live Chat Support
  • Ticket/Email Support

The only drawback is that hostinger lacks phone support. It’s not a big problem for me as I prefer to live chat to phone support.

Chat Service Evaluation

After the new may-2018 update, the live chat support has become undoubtedly my favorite thing to use.

FINAL VERDICT of our Hostinger Review

Hostinger doesn’t offer many different services, but the ones it does offer are thoroughly thought out. The inexpensive price tag is a secondary pro to how many features you’re getting, with excellent speeds and uptime to boot.

Even though more than 29 million people around the world trust Hostinger to provide reliable and high-performing services and support, the company doesn’t carry quite the same name recognition as other mainstream and US-based hosting providers.

Nonetheless, the Lithuanian-headquartered host provides around-the-clock support, SSD-powered hosting, and cheap domain name registrations on par with the best in the business. Combined with the company’s truly stellar control panel, I wholeheartedly recommend Hostinger to prospective customers looking for a choice off the beaten path.

If you’re in the market and don’t have much coin, then it’s best to try out Hostinger.

This Hostinger Review is our opinion on Hostinger Webhosting services only. Whoever reading this Hostinger Review can signup to Hostinger using the below link.

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