December 2, 2020

How AI is improving online gambling experience

It is no longer a secret that artificial intelligence has fully crept into our lives. Almost every business sector is already implementing AI to make their job more comfortable and faster. Many prominent global companies such as Amazon, Google, and Tesla are already making use of it.

The online gambling and casino industry is another sector where AI has proven to be useful. Numerous casino sites are already implementing the technology to deliver better services to players and also analyze players’ data quickly. Here are some of the ways artificial intelligence is improving the online gambling industry.

Recommending games

Through smart data, online casinos are using AI to make better recommendations of games to players. Smart data is data from which the AI engine can extract patterns and signals. Online gambling platforms like 888 Casino are already making use of a powerful recommendation engine.

In 2019, 888 Casino launched its Orbit gaming platform to help players get the best experience playing games. Apart from offering ultra-high-speed loading of games, the Orbit platform also uses AI to help players enjoy personalized gaming. Through this AI recommendation engine, players no longer need to spend time to move from one page to another in search of games. Based on your previous behavior and pattern of gaming, the system recommends you with helpful suggestions. Every time you play a game on the casino, the AI engine gets data to use.

For example, if you have played roulette games, it suggests more versions of Roulette, tournaments, or bonuses that may interest you. Also, if the engine notices your behavior as a high roller, it could suggest more high stake games for you to try out. While work is still being done on AI to make it produce better results, 888 Casino is already using it.

Another casino that promises a better gaming experience with AI is Jeetwin. But Jeetwin will also be merging artificial intelligence with virtual gaming to give players the most realistic experience possible. VR will make it possible for players to enjoy these games and feel like they are in a physical casino. Players would be able to chat, walk, and use different gaming machines.

Identifying problem gamblers

Even though online casino operators love to make money, most reputable ones would not like to see their customers become problem gamblers or addicts. This is because problem gambling gives the industry a bad image and could ultimately affect the sector. Quite a number of casinos are already implementing self-restriction tools to help players control their gaming, but some players still find themselves going overboard. Through AI, it becomes possible to quickly detect early player’s addiction and prevent it from becoming worse.

Since AI works with previous data and behavioral patterns gathered from the user, it can spot suspicious ones and notify the casino operators. Then, the casino operators would then take action. They can either suspend or ban the player’s account while also assisting such a person.

Better customer support

Many gambling sites are already making use of chatbots to make their customer service faster. At the moment, responses from these chatbots are not always accurate, which makes it obvious you are not chatting with a person. However, AI can eventually fix this and help to provide more useful automatic customer service. Based on the user’s recent activities, AI can detect the most likely challenges the customer’s faces and even provide helpful links before they request help. While this area of AI has not been fully developed, it is already being worked upon.

Preventing Cheating

With the use of AI, it will be almost impossible for fraudsters to cheat at online casinos. Gamblers who try to make use of online cheating machines or tricks would be detected by AI immediately and stopped. This will increase the overall security of the site.

Also, AI can be combined with VR and facial technology to improve security. Instead of phone or email verification only, gamers may verify by taking live pictures with their devices. The live picture taken could be checked with the photo on the submitted ID card or other proof of identity to confirm the user.

It’s still difficult to predict the future of AI as it’s still in the early stage. However, there is no doubt that AI is already influencing the world. With the continued use of AI, the online gambling experience will definitely get better.

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