October 6, 2020

How Are Slavic Women Different from Western Women?

No matter the nationality, every Western man must have heard tales about the legendary beauty of Slavic women. Even though this appears mythical, a good number of men won’t mind dating these women. If you’ve ever wondered how Western women were different from Slavic women, no need to worry, we have conducted a comprehensive psychological and cultural research to provide you with this insightful article.

Characteristics of Slavic Women

Physical Attributes

For many people, the legendary beauty of Slavic women is only a myth. In reality, hot Slavic women exist and many of them even boast of a head-turning figure to match. Thus, the widespread acceptance of Ukrainian, Russian, and Bosnian women among Western men is somewhat justified. It is uncommon for Slavic women to copy the style of other famous celebrities in contrast to American and European women. Slavic women are known for their devotion to fashion, putting effort into their overall appearance at all times.

Regard for the Male Figure

The man is regarded as the head of the household in all matters. The Slavs adopt a patriarchal household system, where the man is the ultimate decision-maker. It doesn’t matter if a male and female are not in a romantic relationship, Slavic women still hold men in high esteem. Nowadays, this is not as evident, however, males are still held in high esteem. Whereas, many Western women would regard men as equal.

Devotion to Family

Many Slavic women, particularly the older women believe that the main purpose of a woman in life is to raise her kids. Children are taught to be respectful and hardworking early in life. Most Slavs adopt a rigid approach to raising their children, so it is uncommon for them to be too friendly with their children. Additionally, most Slavic women respect the opinions of their parents and are usually very excited to introduce their potential partner to them. On the other hand, introducing a romantic partner to one’s parent is usually the last thing for most Americans.

Fierce Protectiveness

Slavic women are intensely devoted to their romantic partner, this devotion is matched by their fierce protectiveness of their romantic partners. The temper of Slavic women is only matched by their beauty, so if they have any reason to get jealous, it’d be better for their romantic partner to give them some space.

An Overview of the Differences Between Slavic and Western Women

We’ll not be discussing the specific characteristics of Western women since you should have the first-hand experience with them. This is why we’d be summarizing all that we’ve discussed previously

  • Slavic women are devoted to family and only a few are career-oriented. Love and marital bliss are a top priority for them.
  • Not many Slavic women embrace feminism. The majority of them are against the movement, this is in contrast to Western women who are strong supporters of the feminist movement.
  • Slavic women feel obliged to follow a dress code, unlike Western women who dress according to their individual preferences.
  • Many Slavic women are obsessed with their appearance and spend quality time on grooming, much less than Western women.
  • Most Slavic women expect their men to be direct, so if you’re looking to build a relationship, you have to be ready to fulfill their expectations and not just present them with flowers or other gifts.

These are some of the popular differences between Slavic and Western women, however stereotypical these differences appear, the positive attributes of Slavic women including their devotion to family, faithfulness, and of course, their beauty makes them some of the most amazing partners to have.

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