November 3, 2022

How can I login into my Bellsouth Net Email Account | Simplest way to get signed in to Bellsouth Net Email call at : +1-815-940-5701

Note:-If you want direct help, then just call on the Bellsouth customer support number+1-815-940-5701

In march 2006, a big announcement is made by AT&T to acquire the Bellsouth net email account. AT&T & Bellsouth both provide telecommunication services in different regions of the country. So if you have created a Bellsouth net email, you can still send & received the emails. You can easily log into your Bellsouth account from any web browser via AT&T sign-in page just you need to know your exact Bellsouth email ID & Password. You can also add your Bellsouth net email account to the different email service providers, such as Microsoft Outlook.

Here are the complete Bellsouth Net Email Login steps that you need to follow: – 

As of now, we know that Bellsouth is taken & managed by AT&T, so if you want to login into your Bellsouth email account, you need to navigate to the AT&T login page to get sign in.

Step1: -Open the browser, search for Bellsouth email login or AT&T login page, and follow the link:- Bellsouth net email login.

Step2:- After clicking on this link, you will be redirected to the official sign-in page of AT&T as shown below:-


Step3: Now Fill in your Bellsouth net email ID in the user ID field & your Bellsouth net password in the Password field, respectively.

Step4:- After filling in your user ID & Password, click the sign-in button to log into your Bellsouth net email account.

Alternatives:2 Then, Yahoo & AT&T also combined to give users a better experience with email services as we know that AT&T owns Bellsouth net email, so you can also simply log in using any of the following links given below: –


So, if you are still looking for the website to login into your Bellsouth net email account, then remember this website is now no longer exists as it is merged with AT&T, so don’t waste your time finding out this web page as it does not even exist on any browser.

Login to Bellsouth net email Account on a Client Email: –

If you are facing a problem while setting up & login into your Bellsouth net email account on an email client, you have to do some email settings, which are the following: –

POP3: –

Account Type: POP3

Incoming Mail Server: inbound

Port number: 995

Outgoing mail server: outbound

Port number: 465

Encryption Security: SSL


Account Type: IMAP

Incoming Mail Server:

Port number: 993

Outgoing mail server:

Port number: 587

Encryption Security: SSL

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