December 2, 2020

How can you find the best React Native Development Company?

It is an outstanding possibility and pleasure for me to discuss with you an extremely interesting topic: “How can you find the best React Native development company.”

To begin with, each of us is very closely connected with technologies. At the moment, we can’t even imagine our daily routines without using innovative technologies, because they make our lives easier and more enjoyable. The applications and various web services we use on our mobile phones play an important role in our lives.

According to some facts, for a huge period of time React Native has appeared as the most admired tool for mobile development.

It is very obvious why it has gained a great number of its popularity, just because it is a special instrument which gives a possibility to make mobile applications in a fabulous way for two well-known systems such as iOS and Android.

So what is React Native?

Firstly, it has been generated as a free source JavaScript framework, which has its special goal at creating essential operating mobile applications for iOS and Android. Talking about its origin, it is generated like a ReactJS by an outstanding company named Facebook. React Native is based on the React JavaScript library for developing the interfaces but apart from this, it is oriented on phone application development, not on the browser. Thanks to React Native you are given a chance to utilize JavaScript to get a connection to your platform’s APIs in contemplation of giving special details, characteristics, and functions for your interface with the help of another exceedingly useful tool React by utilizing its ready-use codes. Generally, you are obliged to give some features for your phone app by utilizing Java (for Android) and Swift/Obj-C (for iOS).

But hopefully, React Native detached this necessity, managing to practically operate apps on both operating systems within a small amount of time and utilizing only one coding language. Currently, React Native can maintain two operating systems and also has a tendency and a possibility to enlarge its features on other platforms. The applications which are made with the aid of React Native will keep the productivity simply just as every Java program. As it has raised the auditory of users, there are a lot of companies that take advantage of it to develop their possessed apps, they are definitely Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

What is the comfortness of using React Native?

The major strong point is that it supplies the chances over evolving hybrid or native applications on account of the below causes:

  • Very fast and especially functional

Overall, for the React Native developers, it isn’t necessary to be aware of all programming languages at a high level, which is appropriate to such programs. Also, you are able to develop a phone app with the help of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, which will definitely work as the initial app. In addition, it may be a great alternative for professional developers, who are eager to start mobile application development.

  • It is a cross-platform

Firstly, it was developed just only for iOS app evolving. So, providing that it has gained great popularity, a company Facebook enlarged React Native to maintain the Android operating system. Due to that extremely important fact, every company which utilizes React Native are capable of getting the benefits of this and sharing with other companies in order to create their applications by utilizing only the same code base.

  • It has a faster speed of development

Rather than writing and making two different programs to outsource the app with other companies, you are having the possibility to write just a collection of codes and run it on the required OS. As a consequence, it reserves your precious time and your money from wasting.

  • The functionality of your app is on a high level

It is known that mobile or hybrid applications that work on two OS, cannot have an appropriate level of functionality and show a low performance mostly for complicated apps. But it is not a big problem for React Native, because apps consolidate into the initial code and launch on both OSs at the same time similarly very fast and with the features of the initially written app.

  • A perfect flexibility

The great possibility which is offered is the connection between the languages in Native. Moreover, developers may also select appropriate code to perfectly optimize some pieces of the application they have. Correspondingly, you are able to make an app by utilizing React Native with its languages for outsourcing projects.

All in all, each of its benefits can lead to a reduction of lower spending, faster processing, and perfect support. As an interesting example, it raises the extremely efficient and productive work for the developers and also makes their work much easier. Apart from this, it has also been very simple in its usage.

Which popular companies use React Native?

  • Facebook – the social network which was the initial step for the occurrence of React JS. Facebook as an app itself was developed by utilizing React Native which is in charge of displaying iOS and Android components.
  •  Instagram – is an extremely widely-used app and some people can’t even imagine their life without it. So thanks to that framework Instagram has developed amazingly from the point of UI and UX. It has a new advanced technology that is maintained by such platforms as Android and iOS.
  • Skype – is also one of the greatest examples of mobile applications. The new app was completely rebuilt in 2017 beginning with the general appearance and exchanging the notifications. It has also improved not only in phone apps and also in the desktop version.

Is it difficult to use React Native?

To be honest, there is no single answer on this question about how hard it is or not to use and learn this framework. There are a lot of factors that appear during working with that program, anyway people always find out new information and develop their skills better.

React is used by people with different experiences, knowledge, and learning peculiarities. Some prefer to learn step by step in the process of working with it, while others like to master the theory first and then start working. In any case, it all depends on a person but if you ever worked with JavaScript don’t worry you will cope with everything in that framework. During the first time, it may seem daunting and unclear but with some effort, you will definitely master it. Diligence is the mother of success.

Can you achieve success when not having professional skills?

It is obvious that you should have an understanding of what framework is and how to work with it, but it is not necessary to be professionally qualified. It is also very effective if you have some knowledge about HTML and CSS because these are an inseparable part of any WEB formation.

In addition, you can become a successful programmer and developer when you have mastered React Native.  It shows you not only new ways how to operate the framework itself but also gives you a chance to establish patterns of thinking that can be very beneficial in other areas of programming.

If you use React Native you can be convinced that you are secured on account of it being retained by developers and Facebook. Also, it has great attainability and a huge support network.

Some best React Native Development companies?

  1. WillowTree

It is an outstanding web and mobile app ReactJS development company, founded in 2008 in Charlottesville, VA in the United States. It is famous for creating uncommon digital production — from mobile applications to adaptive webpages, voice search, and other factors that influence the increasing the total sum of clients. They continue to innovate new ways of using the game-changing set of tools associated with React, including pioneering development work on React Native. The number of employees variates from 250 to 999. The amount of minimal plan size is close to$100,000. Their main clients are HBO, PepsiCo, and FOX.

  1. AgileEngine
    It has become a company which has more than three hundred people. A huge range of the apps approximately has been uploaded to the app store and google play. AgileEngine also utilizes a large spectrum of technologies for each of the development.
  2. Litslink
    It was established in 2014 in the USA. This company has reached more than one hundred people and also approximately three hundred projects.  The great feature that it lets any developer create entertaining and amusing apps based on both OSs.
  3. STX Next
    It is considered as one of the most prominent companies which were formed in Poland in 2005. Their workers are near to the three hundred and they are oriented on work with three various types of development service of mobile apps. They are generated with the aid of React Native.
  4. PromptWorks
    It is an exceptional and marvelous company which is specialized in JavaScript, Python, and Ruby tools. This company provides the creation of adoptive applications; also it was based in the USA in 2013. Firstly, it has a low range of acceptance because of the long code but thanks to React Native they extremely minimize the code and advance their apps.


So now you are likely able to answer the question “How you can find the Best React Native Development Company? All the instructions and the details which are painted in this article are the keys to what you want to find. To my mind, all this information once again proves and shows that React Native is an important and highly-demanded framework nowadays. Anyway, if you choose any of these companies, you can be sure of quality and professionalism.

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