April 8, 2022

How Does League of Legends’ Ranked Reset Work?

The reason we are waiting for the preseason is the ranked reset. The new ranked season means a fresh chance to climb the ranked ladder. By the way, one of the best ways to quickly climb the ranked ladder is by placing wards in tactical positions. Here’s a quick how to get better at warding League guide! Though the wait is worthwhile, there are many factors that affect your rank change after the end of the season. In this article, we will discuss all the reasons why your rank changed and how you can maintain it in the upcoming ranked season.  

What happens when the ranked season restarts? 

With the League of Legends season coming to an end. And the start of a new one, the ranks of all players have been set to unranked. This rank reset is a good thing for many players but bad for others. It depends on how you did in the previous season. Some do well and climb fast, while others may score more losses than they want and affect their rank poorly. 

What happens if you are at a high elo? Most likely, you will not have a hard time going back there after the reset. You will get unraked with your first games. You will probably be placed at least in Diamond or Platinum, if not lower. 

A lot of players complain about it, but that is how it works. There are a couple of reasons why this happens. 

Consider this: as you progress through your league and reach a higher elo, you gain a higher MMR score based on your performance in those ranked matches, and your rank increases accordingly when you win or lose a game with a higher or lower LP.  

Everything gets reset with the reset, including your rank. Of course, your MMR will not get hard reset and go back to one of the new accounts. Instead, the reset is soft and will not affect your MMR much.

You will still need to earn your LP points again by winning more matches and increasing your MMR. That is, if you want to climb back into your old rank division and get back to where you were previously before the season ended.  

LP stands for League Points. If a player gains 100 LP, they will be promoted to the next division, while if they lose 100 LP, they will be demoted to the previous division. LP gains and losses depend on your MMR and several other factors, such as win/loss streaks. 

That does take some time, and some players may end up in a different league from where they started off due to their performance in ranked games at the start of the season, but this is not something too bad. 

How does the rank reset work?

 The League of Legends ranked system uses a combination of MMR and LP to determine where you are placed in your division. MMR is your Match Making Rating and is a value that determines the skill level of each player. It is the score, hidden from the public, and the best you can do is to guess it or rely on online calculators.  

This value is used to determine the ranking position of a player within their division and also in determining the amount of LP a player gains or loses. For example, if you have a low MMR, you will lose more LP and earn fewer league points. On the other hand, if it is the opposite, you will gain more points and lose less. 

The process of starting the new season 

At the start of each season, all players are reset to unranked and must play ten placement matches before being placed into a division and ranked position. It goes the same way as when you first reach level 30 and are eligible for ranked matches. 

During the placement games, you cannot lose LP. Instead, you only gain them and advance forward. That is why you may be set to start anywhere from bronze to gold. If your matches go well, you will accordingly advance and may end up in quite a good tier and division. After the first ten, you will continue to play ranked but with the difference that now you will lose league points for the losses. 

The purpose of these initial 10 games at the start of each season. Is to allow Riot’s ranked system to accurately assess your skill level for that season since it takes time for players’ ratings to converge on their true skill levels (especially during the preseason when there are many changes from last season). These initial matches also help calibrate everyone. 

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Ranked season end bonuses 

Each season has its own unique rewards, and the rank reset at the end of each season is a good time for everyone to move up in the ranks. The rank reset at the end of each season allows a new slate for players to begin fresh with their MMR and climb to their desired rank.

This, plus the good rewards that are given for your rank at the end of the previous season. These are reasons why many players play in ranked matchups and strive to improve and raise their tier and division.

The ranked season-end rewards can be different during the various seasons and years. For example, at the end of season 2021, people received Blitz skins with different chromas for their rank, icons, etc.  

That clearly shows that at the end of each season. Based on your ranking division and tier, you will get rewards corresponding to your efforts and shown skills. 

The rewards, as I said, include things varying from skins all the way to in-game icons. 

Is the system fair? 

This system may seem unfair to many players who worked hard during those weeks to climb higher in rank. The players who have climbed high during the ranked season feel that they should be rewarded for their efforts and be given greater prestige for rising high in the ranks. Of course, this does not stop other players from climbing to reach their desired rank for the next season. 

In most cases, it is fair for everyone on Summoner’s Rift to start with a clean slate. Many people have difficulties climbing as high as they want because of one or two bad teammates who are beyond their control.  

Some people lose games intentionally. Others flame nonstop and do similar things. All of this ruined their teammates’ games. In fact, in League of Legends’ lower divisions, this is one of the major reasons people can’t climb. Especially big is the problem with the AFK players who do not like one thing or another and just leave. 

That is why there is an option in-game to report toxic players or players who go AFK (away from the keyboard) during a match. It is critical to report these types of players, especially if you do not want them in your games. 

Smurfs and the new season 

Many players will make smurf accounts after the rank reset so they can climb faster than if they were playing on their actual account. 

That is probably the most popular reason why some experienced players make new accounts in Lol. It is good to know that this is not illegal, as the league does not ban players for having more than one account.

With this, there are probably millions of players who have more than one account for the sole purpose of smurfing. 

Now you may wonder why they do it. Well, it is easy to rank up if you play with newbies. Imagine you had to play with irons when your division was diamond. Your MMR will be high, and your LP will take you to a high tier and division. From there, you will have your fresh MMR and a chance to climb flawlessly.  

Some of the other reasons why people smurf, aside from the fresh new MMR score, are bans, both permanent and temporary chat locks, or just to get more rewards. Some even sell their accounts for money, but this is strongly prohibited by the Riot company. 

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In conclusion

I can say that in League of Legends, a rank reset is a huge event. With it comes the time to prepare and embrace the new in-game implementation from the previous season. To start your new ranked placement games and have the chance to use the soft MMR reset to your advantage. Climb up the ranks faster and even further than before. To speed up your climbing even more, you can use the suggested champion builds available on Mobalytics, which you can find here. By following the link, you’ll have access to an extensive database of every champion in the game, along with their stats, abilities, and recommended builds.

The rank reset works well, and this can be attested to by many who are happy with it. In the end, you gain a fresh start and a chance to perform better while enjoying the new content. Thanks for reading, and thank you for your patience!

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