February 7, 2017

How Emerging Technologies Are Affecting the Society

One of the drawbacks of the technological advancements is the adverse effects on the society in the form of various health issues. Constant use of laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. is making us prone to a number of issues such as back problems, sore neck, constant tiredness due to lack of proper sleep.

Technologies that are worst affecting our health include:

  • Working on computers and laptops for longer hours
  • Reading e-books on tablets and Kindle at late nights
  • Sitting in wrong postures using smartphones constantly
  • Addiction of social media websites and their constant use
  • Video gaming for extended hours at night
  • No relaxation activities and lack of sleep

These problems are so common nowadays that we don’t even realize the effects these technological advancements are having on our lives. These problems worsen by choosing to sleep on a mattress, which is not suited to your body’s needs.

We don’t pay enough care and attention to this area and ignore the health hazards we are exposing our bodies to. To avoid these issues, here is your brief guide on how to choose the correct mattress:

How Emerging Technologies Are Affecting the Society

Need – based choice:  Your mattress should be chosen as per your individual needs. Your mattress should be comfortable, relieve any possible pain and stiffness. It should support your back and body firmly and maintain the right body posture. Mattress should serve the purpose of comfort and painless sleep.

Understanding the material of your mattress: Thickness of the mattress, padding, material and the arrangement of the coils should be the deciding factor while understanding the right material and right choice of the mattress. A bad back mattress is as bad as a chronic health disease in the long run. Choosing the correct material which is soft, comfortable and made up of right material is what you need for a better sleep and good health.

Changing your mattress at the right time – Your body gives enough signals when it is time to change your old mattress. When it is sagging at places or no more comfortable or hurting your back, it is time to change your mattress with a new one. Constant working on a computer takes a toll on the body in the long run and makes it absolutely essential to think about better spine alignment, body postures, etc. during sleep.

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Balancing comfort and support: Both these factors are important while choosing the right mattress for a good night and restful sleep. Choosing a mattress that is too firm and hard can cause joint problems and aches so it should be avoided. Going for a softer or less firm mattress is a better option for an uninterrupted sleep.

Spine Alignment:  For a restful sleep, a mattress should provide support at the right places. Length and width of the mattresses should be given importance too. A too short mattress not fitting to your body height and weight can develop chronic pain and soreness in the long run.

A bad back mattress is a disservice to your body and health. To counter the effects of bad effects of technology, it is essential to choose the right mattress as per your need and comfort.

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