October 20, 2020

How Has Online Gaming Evolved Over The Past 5 Years?

It might come as a shocker to you, but the history of games is already 50 years into account. Video games were the primary step towards a digitized version of gaming in the gaming industry.

But it rapidly evolved multiple steps; now, online games are almost a ubiquitous sample for gamers. People even indulge in online games at Lottoland. A place that was solely recognized for wild gambling sessions is now an excellent hub for online gaming. Though their games are basically molded through the concepts of gambling, the introduction of online gambling was an unprecedented step in the history of Lottoland.

Let’s see what kinds of games they hold that make them wondrously versatile as a lottery business industry.

Online Games At Lottoland

Lottery sounds a little offbeat to most of the people here as they relate it with gambling. And many just do not find the entire concept to be as fascinating as it should be.

Considering these factors, Lottoland came up with the idea of blending the adventurous wild side of the gaming industry with the strategic approach of gambling into one. This gave rise to a whole new dimension in the lottery regime, a dimension of online wagers through turns and twists of gaming.

This was highly appreciated by the youths involved with Lottoland and went on to succeed. This led to multiple new admissions and extension of the business, therefore profiting Lottoland. Some of the most popular online lottery games could be listed as:

  • Mustang Gold
  • Lottoland Roulette
  • Fruit Blast
  • Bonzo’s Quest
  • Valley of The Gods
  • Dream Catcher
  • Starburst
  • Lottoland Blackjack
  • Lucky Lady
  • Ozwin’s Jackpot
  • Holmes and the Stolen Stones
  • Golden Fish Tank
  • Fruit Shop

As you can see, the games seem to be related or entirely unrelated to the lottery. Some revolve around fantasies while some around gambling. Therefore, the platform of the online gaming industry has significantly evolved to the level where lottery holding sites show interest in hosting online gaming platforms.

Let’s see how far the gaming industry has really proceeded in the last five years.

The Uprising of Online Gaming

Online gaming, the activity of playing digitally fabricated games over a computer network, particularly the Internet. The gaming industry began with a series of various devices popularly referred to as video games. The video game culture went over the hill during the 70s and almost through the entire 20th century. With the advent of the 21st century, the focus shifted to PC games and ultimately to Smartphones that extended online gaming facilities.

A gaming facility that could be availed anywhere at any time as it requires no extra equipment or controls, a single working network and that’s all.

It is observed that the online gaming industry underwent a massive evolution during the past five years due to multiple small scale mobile phone revolutions and lowered Internet prices. Moreover, the online gaming industry has observed numerous investors like Alibaba, Nazara, and Youzu, who have eased up the complications of procuring the facilities of online gaming.

Expansion Through Virtual Reality

We have all heard of Oculus VR, a Facebook subsidiary that launched virtual reality gaming headsets. Oculus was taken over by Facebook in 2015 for 2 billion dollars and is worked upon to upgrade to newer levels of technologies to innovate the gaming industry.

The online gaming industry has seemingly carved multiple niches in various fields. Therefore the introduction of virtual reality would be a fantastic cherry topping to an entertaining source of this blazing online gaming industry. The reports suggest that VR would likely alter controls, sounds through additional features of gestures and voice-overs. All in all, the addition of better gaming consoles.

Apple is most likely to adopt this same feature in 2021.

Extra Revenues Through Merchandise

The gaming industry is a laborious business that demands tonnes of creativity and monetary stability. The gaming consoles take up millions to settle, and codes are too intricate to assemble, making it a costly business. Therefore, to take out extra revenues, online gaming industries went with the ideas of merchandising.

Merchandising meant launching customized products to trigger online gaming fandom. The online gaming industry started setting up T-shirts, mugs, keychains with their symbolic gaming titles that extracted extra money and augmented their popularity status. Many famous games were converted into movies and many famous movies into games to boost revenue and marketing traffic.

Increased Online Gaming Demographics

Online gaming witnessed a lot of evolutions, but this one seems to be the most essential one. This evolution gave not only increased gaming revenues but also made online gaming a trendsetting activity. Some significant milestones in online gaming demographic expansions include:

  • Lessened gender barriers among games, now all genders show equal interests in online games. An area that was earlier considered relatively reserved for the male teen population.
  • The online game witnesses no age restrictions; people both in their earlier and later life seem to indulge in gaming, as noticed in the last five years.
  • Moreover, online gaming has been overtaken by YouTubers who live stream themselves playing. This results in game popularity.

The online gaming industry does not only profit the ones who are directly involved in it but also the ones who are indirectly involved. The game developers and the investors do earn a hefty amount, but the ones who stream games live are also benefiting from the same. Therefore, the last five years have upgraded the online gaming industry a lot better than expected.

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