October 16, 2013

How I Manage to Maintain my Blogs Rankings/Traffic even after many Google Updates?

Google keeps on updating their algorithm several times every month.Most of the time it is Panda and rarely it is penguin and might be the latest HummingBird Algorithm.Every blog on the Internet will be effected with these updates if not all updates it will get effected with at least one of them.

Very rarely you have a positive impact and most of the time you notice a negative impact if you are a regular blogger.These updates will either favour big news websites or favour new and fresh blogs.So if you are blogging since few months or years then mostly these updates are likely to have a negative impact on your site.

In spite of the several updates still All Tech Buzz and my other blogs rankings are growing day by day.That doesn’t mean that my website is not penalised in the recent updates.There are several times when All Tech Buzz is badly penalised.There are days when traffic fell from 6000 to 200.Despite all these updates I am still able to manage to recover my traffic and boost my rankings day by day. So how is this possible?

Why All Tech Buzz traffic and Rankings are unaffected in spite of several Google Updates?

I Never depend on Google :

I only bother about the things which are under my control.Google rankings and their algorithms are completely out of my control.They can come up with some unknown algorithm and swipe out all my traffic over night.So I never depend on Google as traffic source.

Many people completely depend on google as a source of traffic.They enjoy google traffic for few months and once it vanishes they go into depression.They ignore the power of social media which they will regret after getting penalized.Its time to come out of this old outdated strategy.

Now you might be wondering what is my traffic source?

My major source of traffic is Social media.I have a vast social media which has millions of followers.The primary social media is Youtube and Facebook , followed by Google Plus ,Twitter ,Reddit and Stumbleupon.

I manage over 10+ Facebook fanpages which have over millions of followers and I have two good youtube channels which have a decent number of loyal followers.Though I am not very active over twitter I have good number of followers over there as well.

I also drive good traffic from Reddit and Stumbleupon which I will be sharing in the later articles on how to drive massive traffic from these networks.

For example I created a good quality youtube video which got over 300,000+ views and I left links on the video back to the main article.I got over 70-80% of the visitors back to the main article on my blog to download the software program.

Youtube Video with over 300000+ views.

Change your Strategy with the changing Trends:

When I say I don’t depend on Google that doesn’t mean that I completely avoid it.Google undoubtedly serves a majority of our traffic share.But we must have alternatives ready with us to face any kind of situation that is going to come in upcoming days as well.

The old seo strategy which says to have more links is no more working for now.Here on All Tech Buzz I don’t do much link building.Link building can boost your rankings for a while but with time your rankings will drop and one day you will be penalized when you are caught by google.

So whenever there is a new google algorithm update I study the trends of rankings of various keywords in Google and check which sites are ranking high and why?Then I implement the same strategy on all my blog.

For example there was a period when web 2 properties ranked very high in search engines especially Slideshare ,Storify and Good.is communities.So at that time I used these sites to drive traffic to my blog.However this strategy didn’t last long.

I Produce High Quality Content for your Readers:

Whenever I write something I don’t do much keyword research and all that stuff.I just consider whether it will be useful for my readers or not?
This way I have got a lot of loyal readers for my site.They visit back to my blog to check the latest articles.

Create a Mailing List:

Though I don’t have a big mailing list I send mails to the subscribers who subscribed to my blog.So this way I drive a significant amount of traffic to the latest published articles.

John Chow Blog was penalized once due to massive link building .Then his rankings completely dropped in search engines.He also survived for a very long time with the mailing list he has collected from his visitors.

I don’t build any Backlinks:

If you build backlinks then you might notice a boosting in rankings for few days which is not permanent and long lasting.Your site can be penalized anytime by google and you will loose all your rankings.The best thing is to build a good social media profile.These days google is giving more priority to social media than links.

I Update my content and delete the low quality ,expired articles on Regular Basis:

Most of the time here I write ever green articles but sometimes I tend to write news and latest updates which doesn’t last long.So once in a month I do a clean up of the blog by deleting unwanted articles.This will keep my blog safe from Panda.
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My Final Words:

Stop getting obsessed with backlinks , focus on quality content and build a big social media profile.Get ready to face google penalties then your blogging journey will be happy,successful and long lasting.
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