June 9, 2020

How Much Can You Make Selling Merchant Services and Credit Card Processing?

While selling Merchant services is quite a profitable venture for credit card processing companies, the sales representatives or agents face a bit of tough luck. At least for the initial stages of their career, sales representatives need to work hard to get to the $100K mark.

So, how much do they really earn? Well, the exact amounts may differ for all sales representatives based on their level of skills and adaptability. However, an average estimate has been calculated and explained in detail below.

Estimated Income of a Merchant Services Selling Agent

If a newbie sales representative can sell merchant services to 10 businesses in a month, they can earn around $3k easily. Some companies give extra bonuses to their sales representatives. These include account sign up bonuses, conversion bonuses, equipment bonuses, etc. These bonuses can range anywhere from $100-$600.

You can add all those extra bonuses and perks to this basic amount and it will be raised to around $4K per month easily. This would make an annual average salary of $50K which is quite handsome for a totally inexperienced newbie.

The compensation in the Merchant Services industry is directly proportional to your selling skills, customer retention skills, and pressure handling. According to statistics, most experienced sales representatives with more than 2 years of experience under their umbrella earn around $100K annually.

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This amount can grow or reduce based on their level of expertise, networking, and the number of accounts they sign up annually. So if you want to earn 6 figure incomes in the Merchant Services industry, be prepared to work hard consistently.

What Must I Do To Earn A More Sustainable Income In Merchant Services Industry?

As a sales representative, you can improve yourself in a lot of ways. The thing is, most people enter this industry reading the numbers experienced people are earning. What they do not understand is that there is no substitute for hard work and being a people’s person is a tough job.

This role requires you to be aware of your clients’ pain points and target your company’s solutions at them very empathetically. You need to be able to step up in case anything goes wrong and make amends. You need to face the pressures of this job, make your employee and client equally happy, and prove resourceful for both.

You need to study customer psychology and coax them into buying your solutions without overpromising and under-delivering. You must be able to deliver what you promise to both, your employer and your client. You are like the mediator, the window through which they know each other.

You need to be presentable, trustworthy, educated enough to understand the details, highs, and lows of the Merchant Services industry, reliable, resourceful, truthful, and most importantly a problem solver. On top of all of this, you must be able to sell the number of accounts you have been asked to without coming across as a salesperson.

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You need to prove yourself an investment worth the risk. Only then will your employers raise your pay per account and bonuses. They will make investments in you because they’ll know you are capable of delivering results. Similarly, your clients will know you are not a phony company guy. You are genuinely interested in solving their problems related to credit card processing and trust you with their accounts.


Anything worth having does not come easily. If you are a sales representative just starting off in this field, please do not believe that this industry showers money on everyone who enters it. It is all about what value you bring to your clients. Therefore, add value to yourself while aiming for the $100K mark but remember, it takes time to establish trust and get paid.

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