September 14, 2022

How Online Gaming Has Changed the Casino Industry

Online gaming has undeniably changed the face of the casino industry – but not necessarily with a negative impact.

In fact, the online gaming industry has allowed millions of new players to access casino games from wherever they are in the world, creating an industry worth more than $565 billion in 2022.

A Brief History of the Casino

There is evidence of humans gambling way back in ancient history, with early Chinese archaeological finds digging up tiles that seem to have been used in a rudimentary game of chance, dating back to 2,300BC.

It seems that throughout history and in civilizations around the globe, bets have been placed and games played for money – but the first version of the modern-day casino could be considered to have been created in Italy in the early 17th century.

Il Ridotto in Venice was designed to offer a controlled environment for gambling, and the word ‘casino’ means little house in Italian.

Since then, casinos have sprung up around the world, representing an environment that is recognized as glamorous and extravagant wherever they are in the world.

The Internet and Online Casinos

So, this is where the internet came in and changed what the casino was to become.

The first online casino was created by a small tech company called Microgaming in 1994. Since then, there has been an exponential growth in opportunities for accessing the fun of casino games.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of online casino companies worldwide, creating exciting gaming environments that everyone with an internet connection can access. Of course, the major physical casino companies have also got in on the action, quickly developing online versions of their brick-and-mortar casinos to take advantage of this previously untapped wealth of new players – but they are not the only ones. Betting shops and bookmakers worldwide have also created online casino environments, and some companies exist only in the virtual world, focusing on creating the best online experience for their customers.

Mobile Gaming

We are lucky enough to live in a world where innovation and technology have created a way to access all the information you could ever need in the palm of your hand. Mobile telephones, particularly smartphones, have made even more of an impression on the casino world because now players don’t need to be at home to get involved in their favorite games.

Convenience and innovation have made it possible for players to spin the roulette wheel while waiting for an appointment, whether sitting on the sofa or at a bus stop. There are no opening times for the online casino, and thanks to the rollout of more accessible 5G internet throughout the globe, players are not limited to using their PCs or laptops to get the best performance on a casino site.

In fact, many online casino operators are focusing more on their mobile gaming offering, with native apps designed for either Android or iOS that are smooth, easy to play, and have a slick user interface.

Why Choose Online Casinos?

For many people, the online casino represents something that we, as humans, love – sheer convenience.

Playing games in a physical casino might be an experience, but steps must be taken before you can enjoy that experience. You must get dressed, leave the house, and arrange for transport before you can even start playing at a brick-and-mortar casino.

Online gaming means being able to play in your pajamas if you want to. You can use your mobile phone app to play every game you would in a physical casino at a time, and a place that suits you better, and the only effort you must put in is to log in to the app.

The Future of Casinos

There is so much to come for the casino, and thanks to technology and innovation, it could be the best thing to happen for both physical and online casinos.

Firstly, virtual reality could mean that you can step into a real casino environment without leaving your bedroom. Live dealers and physical game tables, the fully immersive experience of being surrounded by the glamour and excitement of the casino – and you can play wherever you are. The Metaverse is already gaining momentum as a place where you can send an avatar to play, so casinos might not be that far behind.

For the physical casinos, using their glamour and extravagance to make them a destination rather than an everyday occurrence will keep the players coming through the door; backed up by the online players who use the casino app to play slots, roulette, and blackjack from around the world. It is not about which is the ‘best.’ Still, it is about making use of both the convenience of the app or online casino, as well as the experience of actually ‘being there,’ whether that is in the Hippodrome in London, Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco, or even Bellagio in Las Vegas.

In many ways, it is not a stretch to suggest that the introduction of online gaming on casino websites and apps has made playing casino games more accessible and more convenient – which was an area that a brick-and-mortar casino could not compete with.

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