January 5, 2021

How Reliable is The Technology Behind Slot Machine RTP?

The modern-day slot machines are a blend of functionality, aesthetics, entertainment, and great features. The technology behind the creation of slot machines RTP ties all the mention aspects together for a wonderful gaming experience. Today, slot machines are more than typical reel games with appealing graphics.

Gaming developers that offer casino operators modern digital slots apply advanced mathematics and hire professional minds to create their designs. The mathematics is applied in the return to player rate (RTP) dynamics of slot machines. This article will focus on the reliability of RTP in slot machines and the technology behind the figure.

Slots with High RTP

Some of the key features to look at in slot machines include themes, RTP, gameplay, volatility, and bonus features. Any slot review has to highlight these slot machine characteristics if the information is meant to be useful to gamers.

Some players select slots to play based on the games’ RTP. To find more information about slots RTP, slots.info/sites/Canada/ has a comprehensive guide on top-rated Canadian slots sites and their RTP rates.

What does RTP mean and how does it work? Does it favor the player or the operator? Let’s answer these questions in the following section.

What is RTP?

Have you ever wondered how you can win in a single session when playing a slot machine? This is where RTP comes in. With the advancement of technology, slot machine game developers are compelled to look at a number of factors, among them being design, mathematic algorithm, and tech, when designing these slot games.

Let’s break RTP down with an example:

Assuming you are playing a slot machine with an RTP of 97% and your bet was € 1,000. Statistically and theoretically, the slot machine is expected to return 97% of your bet to you and, in this particular case, €970. This means you will not lose much of your stake if everything works as the theory had suggested. Unfortunately, this is not always the case or how things work.

Hit Frequency

The RTP does not materialize in one session of just thousands or hundreds of spins. On the contrary, the return to the player is a percentage that is only realized over a longer duration of time. One session on its own might not count as it takes countless sessions and spins for the RTP to be realized.

Don’t you think it would be boring to stake €10 for a 97% return on each session? Enthusiastic slot players will tell you that playing the slot machine is way more fun than getting a 97% return on every session.

How RTP is Decided

The process of setting up the return to player rate is a bit complicated. Game developers do not just set up a random number as the RTP of a slot machine. A lot of mathematics is applied when coming up with a slot machine’s RTP, which is typically why game developers work with professional mathematicians.

They apply multiple mathematical computations to determine the machine’s return to player rate. The process entails an evaluation of all the game’s combinations. The developers use the payouts of all game symbols and all the combinations of the base game, jackpots, and bonus features.

The Random Number Generator (RNG) Technology

The mathematical analysis is combined to arrive at the slot machine game’s RTP. However, the Random Number Generator (RNG) technology is also applied when computing slot machine RTP. The latter technology ensures that every spin fills the reels with random game symbols.

The game’s spin symbols are not determined by the game developer, the casino operator, or even the player. Once the slot machine is fully developed, everything else happens autonomously, and the outcomes of each session will depend on luck and a bit of statistics (RTP, which operates in the long run).

To sum it up, the technology behind slot machine RTP cannot be beaten by anyone in any way. The RTP is highly impartial, and hence neither acts in favor of the player nor the house operator.

Reliability of the RTP

Can you increase your winning chances by playing a slot machine with a higher RTP? Theoretically, you can expect a game with a higher RTP to give you more of your stake back. But practically speaking, things are a bit different. When you play just a few sessions, for instance, you cannot expect the RTP to play out because that only happens in the long run.

Generally speaking, the charm of slot machines is the outcomes are random, and no one has control over that, not the house, not the player. During short sessions, it is possible to get your stake back and win hundreds of times more. For longer and many sessions, it is recommended that you chose games with higher RTP rates as they are more likely to give back more compared to those with lower rates.

There have been all sorts of speculations that RTP does not mean much and that game outcomes can be rigged, but that’s not entirely true. There are suspicious sites offering copies of the original slot machine games that do not use RNG technology and where the RTP is not as stated.

Fortunate, the unauthentic sites are not many, and they can be avoided by selecting a reputable casino offering original slot machine games. It is important to note that casino operators have no influence on the RTP rate as it’s computed by the developer during the design stages of the game. So, if a slot machine is rated at 97% RTP, there is nothing more or less to the number.


In summary, the RTP rate is determined and set by professional, impartial mathematicians, and you can therefore rely on a slot machine’s RTP rate. Casino players are always looking for slot machines with higher RTP because there is a significant difference in play between those and slot machines with lower RTP. The advantage players are looking for in slot machines with higher RTP is the chance of winning bigger.

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