April 20, 2018

How Technology Helps in Business VAT Return Rates

The time of the year in your country associated with tax returns of any sort can be a time to look forward to with anxiousness, some people find the administration and organizing of your finances to be a stressful task, and there is no difference between private and business taxes. Manually processing your tax return, compiling your sales and transactions to keep track of your VAT is often a task left to the end of the week or month, and can easily become overwhelming without professional assistance as your business grows.

But as new technologies in computing and software development are becoming more accessible to businesses and individuals alike, new solutions have become available that aim to take the hassle away from what is normally a dreaded endeavor. To learn more about improving your business VAT return click here.


Applications that Assist in Business VAT Transactions

Below are some examples of programs, apps, and systems that aim to reduce the stress involved with business VAT returns, and going into the specific aspects of the return process they assist in:

  • Invoicing Software

It shouldn’t be surprising that a process involving a significant amount of numbers and arithmetic is one that not a lot of people look forward to. The main issues that can arise from manual processing and submitting your invoices and financial details are the possible lapses. We also cannot rule out human error, which can cause some discrepancies in your return and can potentially lose your money in the long run.

With invoicing software, computer programs generate your invoices for you based on your submitted input and can calculate the rates of your return along with any other needed details, using variables you provide. This eliminates the variable of human error and allows you to process invoices for your returns at a much faster and uniform pace.

  • Sales and Transaction Monitoring

With VAT return software, you can input sales details and transactions directly to the program, which allows it to monitor them, and allows you to view your current VAT owing or the amount of any returns in real-time, and has the added advantage of being able to compile this information into a uniform format for printing or backing up in separate storage.

  • Cloud Storage

Some business owners prefer to keep organized archives of their tax records and return details, whether physically or through soft copies stored on machines. This, however, places the responsibility of ensuring security and safety of these archives on the business owner, and instances do arise where unforeseen circumstances result in the loss or corruption of this data.


VAT return software will often have the option to have your files encrypted and stored securely on provided servers. This backs up your data in a place where it can be accessed from any device with your authorization and places liability on the company, who has a vested interest in making sure your data stays both accessible and safe.

Advantages of Business VAT Return Software

Business VAT return software guarantees a consistent and efficient generation of VAT reclaims: a detailed insight into your transactions in real time and reliable and convenient access to this information at any time. With programs offering these services becoming more common, convenience and hassle-free VAT returns can be one-click away.

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