November 25, 2020

How to become an Instagram influencer

It’s clear: What used to be the rock star as the top career aspiration of young people is now the influencer. Ideally, his level of popularity is similar to that of a pop star, he seems to move in a glamorous world, is allowed to test a lot of cool products for free, and for many people, it all looks like easy money. But the reality is often different. Nevertheless, the “Influencer” can now be called a profession in its own right, and there are even a few who earn a lot of money with it.

As a classic influencer, you are active in social networks like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, or Snapchat. There you post a lot of posts on certain topics: texts, videos, and podcasts. You as a person are also visible there, usually, you are the center of the posts. And you have lots of followers who follow you, “link” with you, and are your fans.

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Now industry and business come into play. Many companies now engage in targeted influencer marketing, which means they have discovered influencers as valuable carriers of their messages, brands, and products. This is how it works: If you have many fans or followers on social media channels such as Instagram, Snapchat, or YouTube, you become interesting for companies. These companies then offer you cooperation: You sign a contract with the companies and spread the desired message in your channel. To do this, you create image, text or sound contributions in the desired tenor and then publish them. You act as a kind of opinion maker or person with a wide reach and a large network that you use. In return, you receive money from the company for your influencer activity. Basically, your channel is used as a platform for placing an advertisement or PR, comparable to a print magazine.

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But first and foremost, you have to manage to reach and inspire many Internet users in the social media world with an exciting topic, so that you serve a large network and have many fans. So your career starts with finding a suitable and exciting field of activity for you. Ideally, this is an area you are interested in, or even a field you would call your hobby. Classical topics for influencer channels are fashion, cosmetics, nutrition, sports, or music. For all the aspiring influencers out there: Have you thought of booking a VIP escort girl in Berlin, to help you with your appearance and style. They are true experts in this field after all. Click here, to check out the escort ladies for instance by Ivana Models in Germany.

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But sometimes everything is just about you and your life. Many influencers first started their platform or channel as a pure leisure activity before the number of fans went through the roof. Then the system began to professionalize itself: If you have many followers, companies that find your target group interesting will ask you about a social media marketing measure. There are special tools in which the marketing departments of companies can specifically search for an influencer that fits their needs. Then the store is up and running, and the revenue streams bubble up. Often, initial cooperation acts like an icebreaker, because it brings other companies to your attention.

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