May 22, 2021

How To Buy Your First Ever Bitcoin Just From Your Android Phone?

Bitcoin is a digital currency operating on a peer-to-peer network equipped with decentralized features. The characters of bitcoin demonstrate that there are no government authorities, third parties, as well as national banks. Bitcoin was invented by a Japanese group, and the captain of the ship was Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008, and the network of bitcoin went live in 2009.

Bitcoin was released along with a few futuristic conceptions such as mining, blockchain and hash rate, etc. The primary drawback of bitcoin was that the cryptocurrency king was only accessible by assimilating computing capitals which were even pointed out by the co-founder of ethereum, Vitalik Buterin.

With the advancement of technology and the struggle of specialists, you are now able to buy a bitcoin from just your android phone; yes, you read it right. Here is a complete method on how to purchase bitcoin commencing your android device, let’s get started.

Mount A Reliable Solicitation Of Bitcoin Exchange!

Bitcoin is basically availed from two methods only, the foremost one is mining, and the second one is buying bitcoin from a trustable exchange. However, the mining progression is not profitable at the instance as the passage requires a specialized mining rig, software, and a bitcoin wallet. Buying a bitcoin from a trustable exchange can be accomplished by either a web-based exchange forum or a device-based one.

Commencing android for the purchasing progression of bitcoin is appropriate only if you choose a reliable, trustable exchange application representative. The application market of android phones, play store, is equipped with an exceeding extent of application which can assist you in buying a bitcoin. However, the application of trustable exchange you are about to consider for investing resources in must be subjected to a strong user base, reputed history, and best-in-class features.

In order to acknowledge the above-mentioned characteristics, the users can check out the testimonials and reviews of the previous user base. Moreover, there are several reviewing forums and blog posts that will assist you in choosing the top-notch trustable exchange.


Once you have acquired the trustable exchange application in your android phone, the application will necessitate a user account for proceeding with the further activities and features rendered by the trustable bitcoin exchange. The account creation process requires a few basic information to be inserted in the user interface of the application, such as name, address, e-mail address, etc.

The account you have created needs to be verified if you want to buy a bitcoin commencing your android phone on that particular platform. The verification of the account is known as the Know Your Customer process; the know your customer process is correspondingly accomplished by few crucial details. You need to get a government-approved identity of the user or a paper having your name and date of the verification written on that.

Once you click on to verify your account button, the user interface of the exchange application will pop up the camera; you need to hold the government-approved identity or the paper in your hand holding towards the camera, all the more you have to provide an additional photograph of the government-approved identity from both front and back.

There are decentralized bitcoin trustable application exchange forums at the very same time; the primary notion of these trustable exchanges was to create a complex devoid of the know your customer process. However, before opting for any of the trustable exchanges equipped with decentralized properties, evaluate the extent of security rendered by these forums. The Know, your customer process of centralized platforms, consumes a matter of time from 5 days to 5 minutes, utterly dependent upon the verification team of the exchange.

Connect A Payment Method!

Once the KYC progression is accomplished on the platform, you are allowed to connect the payment method just effortlessly on the exchange. You can either add your banking account or any of the traditional card methods such as master card and visa. Visa even have launched a crypto card for the active users of the crypto market. Bear in mind the trustable exchange must be equipped with your desired payment method.

This an easy step ladder in order to acquire your foremost bitcoin; there are several platforms like bitcoin champion app for getting on prolific outcomes in your bitcoin expedition.

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