November 9, 2022

How to Choose and Use the Best Sports Betting Apps

It is not going too far to say that the emergence of online betting apps has revolutionized the gambling industry. Betting firms moving their operations online was obviously a huge step in increased success and popularity. But the introduction of mobile apps has been something else.

Sportsbooks have always been very quick to early adopt new technology and business models to make more money – and betting apps certainly fill that brief. All the best sportsbooks now offer a downloadable version of their site to their customers and the best – like the Bovada app – only enhance the experience for the customer.

But what makes a good app? And how does it benefit the customer? Here are a few of the most important factors when it comes to choosing and using a betting app.

Check for Offers

Apart from sponsorship in some countries, welcome offers are one of the first ways that betting sites reach out to potential customers. By using an attractive offer to entice new business, sportsbooks play the age-old move of giving away something to get more back.

The best welcome offers come with bonuses that do not require too much work on the part of the customer. All betting app bonuses will come with some terms and conditions attached. But if the customer believes that they have essentially gotten something for nothing, the offer has been a success. It is then down to the customer to make sure that they have the best deal.

Navigation and Speed

Live betting is an increasingly popular way of gambling for sports fans. For newcomers, this is where a bet can be placed on an event that has already started. The skill is in timing the bet to make the most of the changing odds while predicting what will actually happen.

Being able to navigate around a betting app is obviously very important, therefore. Although live betting markets are usually highlighted by the sportsbooks, there should be no time lost searching for the best market and odds. The speed of the app is crucial as well, as the odds are changing all the time, and customers need to get the best deal.

Well-designed apps don’t just appear out of nowhere
Well-designed apps don’t just appear out of nowhere

UX and UI

The aforementioned navigation and speed are both important parts of the wider user experience. But there is more to it than just that. Just as Apple has always wanted its products to be intuitive, with no need for instruction booklets – betting sites should be easy to use for even novice users.

Although an extensive help section, with plenty of how-to guides, can also be a very good thing, new customers should be able to find their way around immediately. This is one reason why so many sportsbooks employ the same kind of layout. They may not seem too different – but you certainly notice it the minute you come across a sportsbook that is poorly designed.

Help and Customer Support

We may have just been extolling the virtues of minimal instructions and intuitive betting apps, but there needs to be a good customer support backup just in case. With so much competition from other sportsbooks, an app has to have quick and responsive support if needed.

Being able to contact a help team 24 hours a day is an absolute must for any sportsbook app. A variety of contact methods are also important. Not all sportsbooks use phone lines these days – but we would say that that is ok as long as there is a live chat service and immediate contact available through social media platforms.

The Future of Betting Apps

With more and more business conducted via mobile, the popularity of apps seems only to be growing. The changes in the gambling laws in the US coincided with the advances in technology, making betting apps easily the best way to use an online sportsbook.

Good design taking user experience as a starting point, is essential for any sportsbook app. It is not an exaggeration to say that we have reached the point when an app can make or break a sportsbook.

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