December 14, 2022

How to choose emergency lights during power outages

Preparing an emergency light in advance is very meaningful to avoid being in total darkness during a power outage and quickly restore lighting.
Because anyone who’s ever been in this situation knows that losing the lights all of a sudden can be irritating, emergency lights come in handy during a power outage.

Which emergency lights are useful during a power outage?

1. Flashlight with rechargeable batteries or batteries

Basically, every household will have several working flashlights. These lights should be kept within easy reach and ready to use at all times.
In the event of a power outage, reaching for a flashlight provides instant lighting. One of the basic questions to ask when shopping for a flashlight is the type of power source. Batteries or rechargeable batteries can power the flashlight.

The difference is obvious, LED flashlights with rechargeable batteries are more powerful than those with batteries. However, if the power outage is prolonged, the rechargeable battery will not be able to recharge, in which case a battery-operated flashlight will be advantageous.
However, it must be said that a quality LED flashlight like the Olight Seeker 3 Pro can run for up to 15 days on the lowest power, which is an astounding amount of time without a doubt!
Even at the second-lowest output level of 50 lumens (which is definitely more than enough for home lighting), it still has a run time of up to 55.5 hours, so it should be able to handle any power outages.

2. LED lanterns

You can also use LED lanterns if you prefer to use lanterns during a power outage, which can illuminate a room more evenly than a flashlight.
For example, the Olight Olantern Classic 2 Pro camping light has a built-in 11200mAh battery pack that can shine for up to 12 hours at 130 lumens of output. It can also be used as an emergency power supply, perfectly solving the charging problems of mobile phones, small fans, small speakers, and other equipment. The lantern can be simply placed on a table or hung flexibly using the metal handle on the top and hooks on the bottom. This is very practical in a tent or basement, for example. Camping lights can be used in gardens, tents, ambient lighting, emergency lights in case of power outages, night lights, or party decorations.

3. Family fence lights

The Olight Obulb Pro works as a home mood light with warm white light, red/green/blue light, flashing red, and smooth or sudden changes between 7 colors. Great for night lights, camping, entertaining, power outages, and more. With 4.5 lumens of light, it can last up to 84 hours to support you through the difficult times of power outages.

4. Emergency lights that activate automatically in the event of a power outage

Emergency lights that automatically turn on during a power outage are useful during a power outage. This ensures uninterrupted lighting even in the event of a power failure. An example of such an emergency light is the Lunartec emergency light, which can also be used as a night light thanks to the motion sensor.

To do this, just plug the emergency light into a free socket, and the emergency light will start working. You can simply remove the emergency light from its socket and use it as a flashlight, which is also practical.

5. Work lights as emergency lights

Swivel Pro Max is an improved version of Swivel, a rotatable and foldable COB work light. COB LEDs produce a uniform beam of up to 1600 lumens for illuminating close-range areas. Built-in 10400mAh battery, the battery life can be up to 120 hours in low power consumption mode; ideal for basements without electricity and lights, and it can also be used as a mobile power supply to charge other devices in an emergency.

6. Candles as emergency lighting

You can of course still use candles if you want to provide emergency lighting independent of rechargeable or dry cells. Of course, the brightness of a candle cannot match the performance of an LED flashlight or LED lantern. But if there is really no electricity, no battery, or even the LED emergency light does not light up for other reasons, candles can come in handy in an emergency.

So it doesn’t hurt to have long-lasting candles and matches at home at all times, in addition to the right emergency lights.

7. Other practical items during power outages

If you experience a major blackout in your area, it certainly makes sense that you will continue getting information.

Because the Internet, TV and mains radio will no longer work.

Therefore, a battery-operated radio should be available to receive news and information from the appropriate radio station in an emergency.

This type of radio is not expensive and is very useful in an emergency

In conclusion

Emergency lights during a power outage are always a smart choice, and we think every home should have them. Because only those who take preventive measures early will not be kept in the dark in an emergency. Such emergency lights don’t have to be expensive and can be a famous rescuer in an emergency.

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