December 13, 2022

How to Choose the Right Slot Machine

A slot machine can make or break your online gambling experience. Therefore, every player must choose the right one to maximize their winning chances and fulfill their gaming needs. However, given the vast online slot count at gambling destinations, one can quickly get inundated with a plethora of choices.

Take, for instance, the online slots featured at Any new player can get intimidated by the innumerable video slots. Making top-rated ones available is undoubtedly luring but daunting at the same time. To heighten your winnings and enjoyment, we have enclosed a few tips for coming across the right slot machine.

Read ahead to get access to the desired help you have been longing for.

Top Tips to Land on the Perfect Online Slot

Coming ahead are factors that separate the right slot machine from a collection of others.

RTP Rate

For those unversed, RTP denotes the Return to Player percentage. It is a metric defining the amount of money repaid to players in the long run. Calculated by dividing the total money wagered by the amount that has already been paid out as winnings, it is usually around 90%. When choosing the type of slot to bet on, always ensure the RTP is over this threshold.

Availability of Jackpots

Online slots are all about winning large sums of money. If one features none, there is no point in playing that game. Look for progressive titles where a smaller percentage of bets get accumulated to the jackpot. As more players bet on that title, the prize money swells until a lucky gamer wins.

Therefore, when gambling, determine the stake you wish to put on and choose your jackpot slot accordingly. If you aim to win higher or regular jackpots, you may have to bet a lower sum.

In-game Bonuses

One of the primary ways game developers spice up the gambling experience of players is by offering bonuses within slots. While free spins increase the chance to draw more winnings sans the risk, multipliers multiply the prizes one receives. The more sophisticated the online slot, the more in-game bonuses it holds. When you start playing, make sure you choose the titles with sufficient bonuses, as they are like a breath of fresh air and extremely lucrative.

Coins and Bets

Every slot requires a certain amount to be deposited on the spot to play online. You have options to choose from before placing your bets. Always prioritize the one that allows you to tweak the active payroll items. This way, you can play for increased prices by maximizing the bet. The more your stakes are, the higher the chances of winning are huge.

Slot Type

Gamers need to familiarise themselves with the various slot types. Three-wheel tracks are no longer popular in this digital age. Therefore, leave behind the conventional ones and experiment with modern slot versions having 5 or 6 paylines to enjoy higher payouts.


Slot variance tied to payback percentage determines how big your bankroll must be to support the session of your play. For instance, if you choose a high-variance online slot, you need to have a generous sum on your bankroll to resist the rapid swings between highs and lows.

On the contrary, if you play a low-variance game, you will enjoy a steadier play on a bankroll that hardly fluctuates. This implies a long session, even on a small bankroll.


Reviews posted by players about online slots are a crucial source of information. They provide a peek into things to expect from the titles without unnecessarily wasting your funds on experimentation. If you can garner what other players like you have experienced, you can decide whether to proceed or jump over to the next titles.

Information to elicit from slot machine reviews are:

  1. The availability of bonus rounds worth playing;
  2. Whether the payout percentage is high;
  3. Is it a dull game or something to take an interest in;
  4. How responsive is the customer service?

Once you check the above factors are favorable, you can bet on the online slot and gladly do so.


One of the best things about playing online slots is the availability of many different themes. So, you get to choose the one that appeals to you the most. A few of the most popular slot themes are ancient Egypt, horror, adventure, mythology, oriental, music, alien and space, and movies.

Besides the theme, you can have complete authority over the game’s pace. For instance, if you wish to relax while taking your time, choose a slow-paced one. However, if you are up for multiple bonus rounds, involve yourself in a fast-paced adventure.

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